We are officially heading into the winter season around here. The mornings have become quite crisp and frosty that even the grass is frosted from top to bottom. The horses coats are getting nice and fuzzy as the days shorten and are becoming more like wooly creatures than horses. We are weighing cattle, working on horsemanship, and getting started on our winter projects!

The cattle are coming into get weighed periodically and they are making great gains before they ship out in the next week or so. They are all shiny, carrying good weight and we have zero sick cows. We are always happy with that! We’ve worked on getting all of our guest equipment cleaned up and put away for next season which means our saddle pads get a good deep clean, the outdoor tack room gets cleaned and cleared out, and anything we aren’t using gets organized and put away until guest season! We’ve also been picking up all things around the ranch that need to be readied for winter weather, that way nothing is buried in the snow. No one wants equipment run over by the snow blower. That would be a bad day for everyone, which would result in broken equipment and us hand shoveling snow, and no one wants that!

Jenna, Sami, & Alex did a deep clean and reorganize of all of our medical supplies, supplements, grain, cattle supplies and other horse supplies over the last couple of days so we could take an eyeball inventory of all that we have and whatever we may need. Now you can find just about anything you could be looking for when it comes to meds, supplements and horse supplies. We found out that there were some things that may never need to be ordered again because we have so much of it, woops!

In anticipation of our incoming winter weather, we actually witnessed our first snow of the season today. It was only maybe an inch at best and lasted until lunchtime, but it was beautiful for the time that it lasted. I’m sure a couple months in we may not be saying that and we will be ready for Spring weather, but for now it is to be enjoyed.

Until next time.