2nd Annual Working Intern Tryouts – 2024

For 2024 McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch will be offering an exciting opportunity for a few outstanding individuals! 

We typically have quite a few folks who apply for wrangler and intern positions on the ranch throughout the year.  Often, we get applications and resumes on a daily basis!  In order for us to pick individuals who are the perfect fit for the ranch, we will be holding our annual “Working Intern Try-Outs” this March, from 2nd – 9th! Different from previous seasons, we will not be accepting regular internships in 2024.  Nor do we expect to be hiring any new wranglers, as we’ve found that most people that we bring on as wranglers at the ranch still have a pretty steep learning curve for what we do here.  Instead, we are looking to hire 2-3 working interns.  This will be a paid position that would begin in April and continue through the end of the season and beyond for the right individuals.
So how does a person get selected for these positions?
Here’s the lowdown…You will plan on arriving to the ranch in person on the assigned date.  Treat this like it’s a competition /interview because in all reality, it is! We are looking for a well-rounded individual and will be looking for people who can check the most boxes from the assessments below: 
  • Riding Skills: W/T/C, knowing your leads, efficient with a rope, cattle experience. We teach exclusive Buck Brannaman horsemanship here, so a knowledge of and previous experience with Buck’s discipline is a huge asset. 
  • Attitude: Team player, no ego, leader, tenacity, grit, awareness, self-motivator, disciplined
  • Other Skills—What else do you bring to the table?  Drive truck/trailer, drive standard transmission, irrigation, fencing, heavy equipment operation and/or repair, cooking, doctoring, administrative experience, farrier work, etc. Show us what you’ve got!


  • Internship Application

    MMGR has internships available for interested students looking to join us for our 2024 intern tryouts March 2nd – 9th. Internships provide successful applicants with hands on experience in all aspects of the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship, cattle working, roping, large animal care and general ranch duties.

    General information on the internship and the application process is found below. Please read this entire document before completing an application.

    Internship Information

    The Intern Program at MMGR is unique in that it is the ONLY program available which specifically teaches the Buck Brannaman/Ray Hunt style of horsemanship in a ranch setting, with real world experience. Interns will have the ability to see the progression of a horse in its learning from colt starting, up to the snaffle bit, hackamore, the two rein to straight up in the bridle. Interns will learn how we re-start horses that are troubled or spoiled and how we work through individual issues. Interns will ride different horses each day, as each horse provides a different feel for its rider. With 75 head of horses, there will be much to learn!

    In addition, we highly encourage interns to bring their own started horse with them at no additional cost for board! This allows you to advance your own horse while advancing your skills at the same time. A double-opportunity!

    Our program starts from the ground up as we find that it is necessary to prepare each horse to maximize our effectiveness in spending time with him.

    Interns can expect to learn to become handy with a rope, flag and a tarp in their groundwork. They will become adept at maximizing their effectiveness in participating with a horse on a lead rope, from the fence and in the round pen.

    While horseback, the possibilities are dependent on the individual. A strong work ethic and perseverance without frustration is key. You can expect to learn how to ride horses through all transitions, pick up correct leads, leg yield, haunches in, turnarounds, flying lead changes and much, much more. Our ultimate goal is to accomplish our time on the horse using 90% mental effort and 10% physical effort.

    Our learning is not limited to “dry” exercises, however. We believe that horse and rider cannot be complete in their horsemanship foundation if neither is able to successfully get around cattle and be handy with a rope. Interns will learn the subtleties of reading cattle, cutting, sorting and driving cattle with class, and roping cattle for the purpose of branding and doctoring. Interns will also learn to doctor cattle while on the ground (i.e. setting ropes, giving injections.)

    During our non-winter months, interns will also get the opportunity to ride outside in the mountains around the ranch and at our grazing allotments. In this environment, you will learn how to support a horse outside—to learn how to address herd bound issues (and stop them before they begin) as well as how to support a horse in varied terrain with or without other riders around.

    Breakdown of All Ranch Activities

    • Buck Brannaman horsemanship from the ground up

    • Cattle work to include sorting, cutting, driving and doctoring

    • Riding outside whilst working on horsemanship

    • Doctoring horses

    • Assisting the farrier in trimming and shoeing horses

    • Fence maintenance

    • General ranch duties to include cleaning stalls, horse traffic areas and barns

    • Feeding of livestock

    • Roping

    • Ranch Management activities

      Our Responsibilities to You

      In the time we have with you in your internship, we will give 100% of our knowledge in order to make you as competent in the Buck Brannaman style as we can in the time you spend with us. We will carry you as far as you wish to go. We will always give you an honest evaluation of your progress and will help you to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

      We will provide you with all meals and your own private room lodging. We will also provide you with tack including saddle, headstall and chaps if needed. A helmet is also provided if you so wish to use one.

      Your Responsibility to Us

      This is an opportunity that is offered and available to very few. We ask that you treat your time with us as a privilege rather than a right. You are expected to conduct yourself professionally, cordially and with respect when communicating with any MMGR staff and guests. Rude and disrespectful behavior in regards to staff, guests or horses may result in your dismissal from the program.

    There are no pets allowed during your internship.

    Criteria for Participation

    • Applicants MUST be at least 18 years of age

    • Maximum rider weight limit for internship program is 180 lbs.
    • Previous horse handling and riding experience is required

    • Interns are required to write summaries once a week during their stay of what they are learning and how they hope to progress, during their stay. These summaries may be used for Facebook and Newsletter postings

      Application Process

      After your application and video is sent in and evaluated, you will be contacted to let you know if you’ve been accepted for our intern try outs from March 3-9. After this period Des and Shayne will choose a select group of interns to be accepted to our working intern program. Working interns will stay on for a paid position through the end of our guest season in October/November.

      Interns are highly encouraged to bring their own started horse with them Having the opportunity to work with your own horse will enable you to continue your horse’s education with what you have learned at the MMGR.

      There is no boarding fee to have your horse at the ranch. The only expenses are shoeing, grain, if needed, and any vet or medical costs incurred. Horses will be kept in nice sized outdoor pens. Interns are responsible for feeding and cleaning their horse’s pen twice daily. All horses must be current on shots and coggins per our policy.

    Depending on the success of your internship, and whether opportunities are available to you, we may be able to offer you a paying position on our ranch at the end of guest season, or an exceptional reference to another. Opportunities for employment, however, are neither guaranteed nor implied.

    Application Instructions

    Please send us a resume with your work history, video of your riding skills and interview video.

    Riding Video Requirements

    • Fast/Forward Walk & Slow Walk

    • Canter Seat on Loose Rein

    • Working Cattle or Roping (if possible)

    Video Interview Requirements 

    • Name, Age, Where are you from?

    • What will set you apart from others?

    • Greatest strength & weakness?
    • How do you feel you are a good fit for us? 
    • Are you continuing your education before coming?
    • How do you handle pressure? Give us a scenario
    • How would this position fit long term goals?
    • If you had to complete a task that seems impossible, how would you go about it?


        No application will be considered complete until all three pieces: interview video, riding video, and resume are submitted. All parts of the application need to be complete and submitted together. Applications must be submitted no later than February 15th, 2023.
        QUESTIONS? info@mmgranch.net  
        APPLICATION VIDEOS & RESUME: des@mmgranch.net