2023 7-Day Guest Stays

From April through November, we will have several 7-day working ranch experience/programs available throughout our season.  Working ranch program, you say? What would that entail?

Basically, it’s this: Guests come out to the ranch with the priority of advancing their horsemanship in a working ranch setting, the Buck Brannaman way. Shayne (ranch owner) has always been loyal to Buck’s methods and that remains a constant here. This is an opportunity to further advance this horsemanship style in a multi-faceted, working ranch environment. This program will get you handy in AND out of the arena!

The program will be adjusted to the current seasons and jobs at hand. In the early spring and late fall, we’ll be indoors primarily and outside as weather permits—these weeks are more for someone looking for an intensive horsemanship experience.  Come peak season, there’s country to cover, cattle to drive, cattle to sort and cut on and of course, lots of refining of horsemanship movements in our state-of-the-art indoor facility. We believe in the complete horse—as proven by the fact that every one of our guest horses can work a cow, ride out solo or in groups covering any and all types of country with confidence, rope cattle, jingle in the horse herd, be well mannered on the ground and have the ability to perform the most refined horsemanship movements in the arena. With this 7-day program, we hope to help you become a more complete rider as well!


Note about booking your reservation: Because our ranch is set apart from many in our strong emphasis to Buck Brannaman horsemanship in every aspect of riding—be in in the arena, on the trail, with cattle, etc, We are looking for riders who are dedicated to a learning mindset, who have the tenacity to work their minds as much as their bodies.  For more information on the booking process please see below under FAQ’s.

Lodge & Cabin Rates

May – October Regular Dates:

Single Lodge Room: $3219 

Single Cabin: $4216 (May ONLY)

Double Cabin: $3641 per person


Buck Weeks:

Single Lodge Room: $3632

Double Cabin:

$3820 per person

Clinic Fee: $800 per person

November Winter Horsemanship:

Single Lodge Room: $2870

Single Cabin: $3634

Double Cabin: $3058 per person

April 30 – May 6 & May 14-20 – Spring Horsemanship & Cattle

The days can still be cooler, but green grass and blue skies are abundant with signs of spring all around. Be prepared for beginner to advanced arena horsemanship, and rides outside as the countryside opens up. This is another great time to bring out your own horse in preparation for summer riding.  Of course, riding one of ours is always an option!  Cattle work may include gathering, sorting, weighing and cutting

June 4-10 & June 18-24  – Summer Horsemanship & Cattle

Montana in June is the most brilliant hues of green you have ever seen!  Nice temperatures, warm in the daytime, cool at night. We will be working on arena HMS, putting cattle out on their summer grazing, cutting flag may be an option, trail obstacle courses, trail rides both ½ and full day. Cattle work may include gathering, sorting, weighing and cutting.

July 2-6  Buck Brannaman Clinic Week

This is a Buck Week.  Guests Arrive on July 1, ride with us July 2-3 and with BUCK July 4-6. Guests depart on the 7th

July 10-14 Buck Brannaman Clinic Week

This is a Buck Week.  Guests Arrive on July 9, ride with us July 10 & 14, and with BUCK 11-13. Guests depart on the 15th

July 30-August 5 & August 13-19 – Women’s Week

These 7-day stays will be for Women Only!

McGinnis Meadows is a ranch that believes in giving women equal opportunity!  Join us for a vacation of things we do best. If you have ever taken part in a “women’s only event”, then you know how much fun we have, and how empowering it can be. Here you’ll get to experience top-notch horsemanship led by women riders plus a ‘whole lot more! Riding, Lake Trips, WINE, Hiking, Painting, Games, Massage and More! Then, at the end of the seven days, we will offer a ranch working competition for our guests to put to use all the skills learned during your stay! It is a great time to visit with warm temps, lots of cattle work and beautiful scenery.  Arena HMS, checking on and moving cattle across our grazing allotments. We will be working on cutting flag. Cattle work may include gathering, sorting, weighing and cutting.

September 3-9 Fall Horsemanship & Cattle

The ranch is starting to cool down a little.  This is a great time to come if you hate the bugs!  Great daytime temps. Arena HMS, checking on and moving cattle across our grazing allotments. Cutting flag may be an option, as may trail courses, trail rides both ½ and full day. Horsemanship in the meadows.  Cattle work may include gathering, sorting, weighing and cutting.

September 17-23 Fall Horsemanship & Gather

We will be offering some arena horsemanship, but most of our horsemanship will be outside while gathering cattle off of our 40-square mile grazing allotment! We will start every day with horsemanship and then head out to move cattle. Be prepared to ride for miles each day on good horses in beautiful country. Learn how to track cattle, the intricacies of moving cattle with finesse, all while maintaining balance and softness in your horse.

October 8-14 Fall Horsemanship & Cattle

Fall colors and crisp days. Can you almost smell the pumpkin spice?  There will be plenty of arena horsemanship going on. In addition, we may need to check cattle on the ranch and may do some weighing periodically. Outside riding will be based on weather which will hopefully allow us to enjoy the beautiful fall views and gorgeous changing of the colors. There will be opportunities to cut on the flag and maybe even cattle!

November 5-11 Winter Horsemanship 

The beginnings of winter are here which make for great time to finesse our horsemanship skills. The cattle are gone for the season, but the work is not done! The week will be indoors only with a focus on expanding and building your horsemanship in the saddle. We encourage anyone who is looking to improve themselves in their riding or improve their horse to join us! There are lots of fun exercises we work on, including cutting the flag. This is a great week if you are looking for quality clinic time in the arena.