It’s a phrase that has become something of our motto at McGinnis Meadows.  And it’s one of the things that makes our working internship program so unique.

At its most basic level, our internship is a win-win for the chosen applicants (yes, there is a “try-out”).  You basically get paid to learn!  But this is not your typical learning experience.  The refinement of horsemanship and stockmanship that one learns here is akin to peeling back layers upon layers of an onion.  This isn’t a place where anyone, no matter the level, comes to the table with the kind of experience that will serve us on the spot.  And it can be hard on the ego in that sense.  There is a lot to learn.  This kind of learning is for people who enjoy the journey of learning…definitely not for those who think they have already arrivedin any sense of the word.

Some people would argue that McGinnis Meadows is the place where you go if you want to kill your ego.  But in doing so—you start to become something different.  Humble, open, handy on levels that you didn’t even know existed.  Adaptable…balanced.  These are all attributes that serve horses well—but they serve a person even better in whatever path they end up choosing in life.

We ride—to the finest levels of making a bridle horse.  Horses that can do any job, in any environment.  This is a guest ranch, it is NOT your typical dude ranch.  Not even close. Our clients come here to learn.  And we offer the ability to learn fine horsemanship in the most well-rounded way; refined arena work, cutting, sorting, roping, moving and gathering cattle on over 25,000 miles of mountain, timbered backcountry.  You learn to create a horse that can do all of this, remain soft and very alive, and yet take care of any level of rider no matter the environment.  One thing is for sure—if you can make a horse of that quality—making a bridle horse in the Buck Brannaman tradition becomes easy.

We teach—the best way to learn a concept is to have to step outside of your comfort zone and teach.  Everyone learns at their own pace, no different than with horses.  You learn to teach the subject matter and learn what it takes in terms of patience, creativity and tenacity to enable others to master their lessons.  This alone forges a very distinct character in our working interns.

This place is not for everyone.  Most people prefer to live within their comfort zone.  Many prospective wranglers are just looking for something short term that is fun and easy.  And there’s nothing wrong with any of that.  But this is not the place. If you let it, this ranch will build your character and your work ethic. You will learn more than you ever thought you were capable of learning. You’ll have fun, but you will also end each day ready for a good night’s rest after lending all of your effort and attention to both the mental and physical aspects of this lifestyle. This ranch will help you develop fortitude, strength, and knowledge. We value individuals willing to join us on this journey of becoming more adaptable, patient, and creative. Would you be a good fit for this team?