Hi Everyone,

I don’t know what part of the nation or world you are reading this from, but here in Montana in the middle of February days can be warm with the longer, more penetrating sun or grey, listless and snowing, but regardless, nights are chilly. This morning it was about twelve degrees. Waterers needed to broken. As I was carrying my shovel up to one of the waterers, I was stopped by a sound. A distinctive, ancient sound that generations before me knew well. Up on one of the ridges, a lone wolf was howling. To whom, I do not know.

For about 5 minutes, this magnificent creature of our woods, let me know that he was there – present and powerful. For the remainder of the day, I carried within me a touch of the wild and a reminder of the blessings that surround me here at the ranch. Some people wake to sirens or the hum of traffic or the pressing headline news. My morning started with the sound of a wolf and ended with star-studded skies. Maybe one day you too will walk these woods and hear ancient sounds and see the unaltered portraits of God alone. To Him be the glory for what we get to appreciate out here in the wild country.