Volume 17, Issue 17

Hi everyone, Kim here!

Last week was a whirlwind!  Early in the week, we still had guests from our first ten day clinic. I cannot believe how much progress they made in just ten days. What an amazing group of people!  I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people here and look forward to meeting the other guests who are booked throughout the season. 

The interns are also making progress in their riding. Their dedication, great attitude, and hard work is very much appreciated around here. Jenna and Chavo even helped teach guests!  Micheli had the opportunity to help check cattle on horseback this week during her first week here!

Wednesday and Thursday, we received three loads of black angus steers. All together, we had 188 delivered. We pushed them to the pasture just below Randy and Dori’s house. I love the cattle being here because all of us wranglers get to ride through and check them and the fences each day. I love having a job to do on horseback. All of the work in the arena this winter really pays off when there is a job to be done. 

Today we got everything ready for branding and practiced roping on ugly, our roping dummy sled. We all took turns pulling him around and roping him. We’re pretty excited to get started branding this week!

Until next time!