Hey folks, Lily here!

I’m the cuter of our cats here at the ranch, but my pesty brother TROUBLE gets alllll the attention just because he’s always IN trouble.  We wrapped up our second annual Women’s Week here at the ranch and wow what a dynamic and fun group!  I got petted by so many friends both new and old and I’m still purring just thinking about it.  The humans did a really neat “cavalry exercise” in the meadow that was really a sight to see. I’ve been practicing my own kitty version in front of the Bunkhouse all week.  They also had a super fun all day ride up Pier and had a picnic lunch. That sounds SO much nicer than the mouse I had for lunch. I didn’t even have a picnic blanket!  There was a lake trip that I had zero interest in, cats and water don’t mix and all that jazz.  I spent all morning waiting for them to get back so I had laps to sit in again. Hopefully only dry laps if i’m being particular! Meanwhile, my brother TROUBLE was up to his old shenanigans of trying to stealth bomb the lodge doors and sneak into the game room.  I swear that cat is such an embarrassment

to good cats everywhere.  We were so sad to see everyone go, its very quiet around here and there’s a lot less laps with naps.  We’ve been hanging out on porches waiting, but no laps have appeared. SO I’ve been busy with housekeeping, assisting Erin at all of the cabins, making sure everything is just right! I spy through the front door usually while keeping a close watch. Those cabins need to be perfect so the guests stay longer for me to have a napping spot. I’ve now heard from a trusted source that we’re having new guests (and laps!!!) show up on the 10th so I guess we can hang in that long. In the meantime I can be found sitting in the flower pots which are almost as cozy as someone’s lap. in the meantime I’ll try to keep Trouble out of the lodge, ugh, he’s such a menace. He leaves cat hair everywhere, so embarrassing. I have things to do so….

Until next time!

-Lily & Trouble