Hi everyone, Jenna here!

It has been a busy few days since we touched base last, and there has been lots going on in preparation for our Women’s 10-day! We are so excited to welcome back a handful of familiar faces and be joined by some new ones.

Aside from the regular routine of taking care of the herd, some extra time has been spent on getting our indoor arena in tip-top shape for guests. Our fantastic interns have helped us make more mecates to put on our headstalls, so we have plenty of equipment for this upcoming week. It can be a bit of a process to get all of that rope cut, tied with the knot, and poppers attached to the end, but it got done with good fun at the end of our days sitting on the kitchen floor eating pizza. There is never a dull moment!

Shayne and Des have been spending lots of time teaching on horsemanship in the arena with Kitana, Tegan, Margot, Chelsey, and Genna. This week, there has been a lot of emphasis on riding using legs only and using them to create proper flexion. The ground poles have been out almost every day as Shayne has been teaching the importance of being able to direct the hindquarters and front quarters with legs only in a serpentine pattern.

Caleb and Brenda have been spending quite a bit of time on Davis Mountain in an effort to figure out what is causing the fence to have low voltage. It has been a bit of a puzzle, but there is no doubt that these two will sort it out. So far, cattle are still on the right side of the fence!

Our good friend Janice is back on the ranch for a few weeks to help me and Sami learn the ropes in the office. We are happy to have her with us and are grateful for her wealth of knowledge in all that goes on behind the scenes.

Overall, it has been a great week for getting projects checked off the list! There is always more to be done, but we end each day with a smile on our face.