Volume 17, Issue 12
Hi everyone, Kim here. We’ve been super busy this week with guest season just around the corner trying to get projects completed. The snow is starting to thaw and signs of spring are beginning to show. I’m pretty sure there is not a more beautiful place on earth than northwestern Montana.

April 9th is our first 10 day and we couldn’t be more excited to see our guests. The cattle will be arriving right after that and then we will be branding. Exciting times are ahead!

We’ve spent a lot of time riding in the arena this week and have started getting horses conditioned for the guests. Des and Shayne are riding their personal horses and client horses. Des and Kev have also been riding some of the horses that are being prepared for the guest string. Interns Daniel and Jenna are riding horses that help improve their skills. I have been riding my personal horse, Shiloh and ranch horse Jasper. I am still amazed with the quality of horses and horsemanship here at the ranch!

Besides riding, everyone has been hard at work on spring cleaning and chores.

James finished cleaning all the headstalls, breast collars, chaps and saddles for the guests. This was quite an undertaking!

Holly has painted the lodge and has it looking crisp and beautiful for the guests! She also made some of her delicious homemade rolls.

Dori has been cleaning and working hard to get everything organized for guest season.

Scott has made sure all of the ranch vehicles are clean and serviced.

Kev has made sure the new arena stays in top condition and even helped Holly paint.

Bird has done everything from painting to cleaning drains to building shelves to fixing gates and doors so everything is running smoothly.  There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance here and he gets the job done right.  There’s not much he can’t do!

Brenda takes the health of the herd very serious and makes sure each horse is in top condition. Taking care of 85 horses is no easy task!

Daniel and Jenna have jumped right in and helped with all kinds of ranch chores from fencing to feeding to cleaning stalls. We have a new intern, Mecheli joining us soon.

I have been hard at work getting guests booked for the season and making sure we have all their paperwork in order. I have also been making mecates and new lead ropes out of tree line and even helped with organizing and cleaning the lodge.

As you can see, the horses are enjoying the warmer temperatures and have been relaxing in the pasture.  They’re also shedding their winter coats!

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic crew and experience this level of horsemanship!

Until next time,