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An Update From Jupiter (the horse, that is!)

February 6, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 5

Howdy everyone, it’s Jupiter here, one of the ranch horses. Some of you may know me, I’m the stunning bay roan that stands out among the rest of the herd. I’ve been enjoying my time off this last year, but now I’m back on the payroll so I thought I’d give you guys a ranch update from my point of view.

Shuga, in the evening light.

So this last year I’ve been spending my days in the herd, getting fat on the lush grass and taking in the wide open spaces. Recently, I was moved to join the other herd of horses behind the new arena. I was very excited to join the cool kids and get put back to work. My first day back, I was led into the arena and tied in one of the spacious stalls. I took in the new smells of pine shavings, grain and leather saddles. I greeted all my buddies who were tied beside me and watched some of my other friends getting ridden. I took a few naps as well, enjoying the warmth of the heater on my back. I was soon taken out of my stall and one of the wranglers, Maddie, began brushing me. I closed my eyes and focused on the soothing feeling of every brush stroke on my coat. Maddie also put this weird gel in my mane and tail that smelled like a pasture full of flowers. I noticed the gel increased my handsomeness by adding shine and flow to my mane and tail. I felt extra special as I walked into the arena with my new hair do.

Maddie started with groundwork with me. As I circled this goofy human, I started remembering all the

Indy supervising 🙂

dance moves as I tried to figure this gal out. At first, I felt out of balance as I tried to understand what this girl was asking of me. With every movement, I found ways to convey to the girl what I needed. Maddie and I soon started having a conversation with our movements. Like any first conversation, it had it’s awkward moments but also big breakthroughs. I licked my lips and took a big breath telling Maddie I was understanding. She paused and gave me soft strokes on my forehead. The next step was the saddle. Maddie swung her pad and saddle on my back and it felt new and familiar all at once. I stood quietly as she adjusted her gear to my very round belly. We went through our dance steps again and I listened to the rhythm of the leather squeaking on my back. Once the saddle was snug like a big hug around my body, I lowered my elegant head for the bridle. I felt like a stud sporting shining metal conchos on my headstall. Maddie swung her leg over the saddle and I felt her settle into place and the work began.

Emily and King, the gentle giant

I could feel Maddie was hesitant as she touched my body with her legs or slid her hand down a rein. She was seeing what I had to offer and I was doing the same with her. Just like the the groundwork, we gradually found ways to communicate with one another. Not long after Maddie found ways to shift my balance and become a better dance partner, we had a serious job to do. All of a sudden I noticed there was a steer in the arena! I had no idea where this bugger came from but Maddog and I had to get him. I realized there was something different about this steer, another horse had to drag him around in order for him to move. And his body was made of metal but still wrapped in cowhide. I was wary of this steer, he could not be trusted. As Maddie and I got closer, I held back slightly letting her know this steer could be a trickster. I felt Maddie’s legs against my body and I pursued the cow until my lips were on his back. I got strokes of encouragement and I stayed hooked onto that steer. Soon Maddie’s rope started to swing by my side. When I saw her loop wrap around the steer, I ran up closer and kept that little guy in check until we got him stopped. Even though I was incredibly focused on my job, I was having so much fun. I forgot how satisfying it is to feel useful. At the end of the day, I glanced in one of the mirrors and saw my reflection. I let out a proud whinny at the stunning creature that was myself. Maddie laughed as she stepped off and brought my attention back to her as she took off my headstall. After another grooming, I inhaled a tasty bucket of grain and took a snooze under the heaters.

I’m looking forward to more rides in the arena and getting my muscles built back up so I can put the other geldings to shame with my good looks. I’m ready for the long summer days and hopefully I can chase some cattle in the mountains. The rest of the crew here (both horses and humans) have been doing good as well. Saddles have been getting cleaned for the upcoming season and projects are wrapping up. Our little patch of Montana is receiving a few inches of snow this weekend. The herd and I are very happy because that means we get extra food. 🙂

And so the adventure continues………..


Horsemanship continues at MMR

January 30, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 4

This week in ranch happenings, we have been continuing to expand our horsemanship horizons with flying lead changes! The first time I tried the pattern Shayne was teaching, I was on Leroy, another favorite pony of mine. I think they are all my favorite at this point, hahaha.

Our pattern consisted of a leg yield at the trot to pick up the canter, to a short circle and coming out on a straight diagonal line to change leads. Shayne has been encouraging us to challenge ourselves to the next level and explore cantering short circles. For awhile, I didn’t believe I could canter short, not with elegance any way. But after an empowering dad talk from Shayne 🙂 I trusted myself and did the exercise. I found that by cantering Leroy short, it caused the hind end to step up and underneath himself giving us a new kind of power. As we came out on our straight line, I gently switched my legs asking for the new lead. With a little bit of thought, Leroy switched to his new lead and I was grinning ear to ear.

Up next for the exercise was Des, starting out with a beautiful canter depart. I watched intently as Des cantered a perfectly balanced small circle and came out with a gorgeous lead change. By setting up the hind end in the small circle, it’s

Tucker LOVES to sleep!

easier for the horse to change leads because the hind is already engaged for the change. Changing leads in this manner is more comfortable to the horse and they start “hunting” the change because it feels good to them.

Throughout the rest of the week, we continued to revisit this exercise. Or “refry the bean” as Shayne now says. Between our roping routines and cutting flag sessions, we practiced flying lead changes out of our short circles. All of the horses became more balanced after this exercise. Some even standing with their hind more underneath them. At the end of the riding week, we refried the seat position bean. Yep the quest for the perfect position of balance still continues!

With a light dusting of snow over the last few days, the mountains feel fresh and we had our first full moon of the year. To finish out the week strong, the new arena got a deep cleaning. With the tack rooms organized and the rails shining, the arena is ready for another week of horse and human connections.

And so the journey continues…….


Getting Handy at McGinnis Meadows Ranch!

January 23, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 3

Hey everyone! Here’s this week’s ranch update.

Morning sunrise

We are continuing our roping practice daily and we are finding more and more ways to get creative with our exercises. Earlier in the week we cut on the cutting flag with our ropes in hand. This simulated running up on a steer with ropes attached. Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy going fast, so I had a blast with this exercise. Not only do you have to be quick physically, but also mentally. With only one hand to keep the horse hooked on to the flag, you have to rely more on proper positioning of your legs and knowing when to reach for a rein with your other hand. It was a great job for both us and our ponies. Later on in the week, we spent a whole morning breaking down each movement in the cow turn. As we each had a session on the flag, the rest of us would study the balance of each foot. This was really cool for me to see how weight distribution changed the cow turns.

After studying the feet, we were able to adjust our dry work to balance our horses to the next level. By watching the patterns in other horses, I was able to imagine what I was feeling my own horse’s feet do underneath me. This helped me quite a bit with a few of my horses and I was able to hook them on to the cutting flag better. I’ve noticed that by understanding where to place my horse’s weight, I have been able to focus more on getting the job done with feel rather than just mechanics.

Looks like Chris is getting used to Montana winters!


In other ranch happenings, our project lists are slowly getting shorter. Trouble also got stuck in a tree the other day, but with some encouragement and patience, he was able to get down on his own. 🙂 He likes to keep us on our toes for sure. The sun is starting to stay out longer each evening, I think we are all looking forward to longer and warmer days.

And so the journey continues!


Well, hello there!

Emily provides the horses with their favorite pastime 🙂

A horsewomen’s journey at McGinnis Meadows

January 16, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 2

Emotions and horses

Taps and Maddie

All has been well at the ranch as we settle into the new year. We have been diligently practicing for the upcoming branding season. Everyday Shayne gives us new drills to get us handier with our ropes. Dally practice, dragging the roping sled, learning new shots, perfecting our swing and acting out real scenarios are just a few of our daily tasks. Along with roping practice, I’ve been learning some new things in horsemanship and I’ve gained a different feel throughout the week. Over the last month, I’ve developed a new outlook on how emotions play a part in riding. We are often told that we shouldn’t let our emotions get involved with horses. If we let our emotions get in the way, we can’t fully be there to support our equine partner. If you’re caught up in your own sadness, drama, fear, anger, or stress, the horse will feed off your energy and your attention won’t be dedicated to the horse. Or there’s the other extreme, to where horses become an escape of life’s problems. I was pretty good at blocking out all emotion while working with the horses. I focused on the mechanics and what I needed to do in the moment, the rest fell away. But I realized there was something missing. Mechanics can only take you so far, feel has to start taking over. Feel requires more connection with the horse on an emotional level. The best way for me to describe it, is that you almost have to give a little bit of yourself away so the horse can give you a piece of his soul in return.

Often times, there’s other things in life that take up our attention and we worry it will affect our riding. Perhaps

Hemi and Emily

your truck broke down, you lost someone you love, your little brother is getting on your nerves or you’re simply having an off day. All of these things we consider a factor in our focus while working with our horses. All these situations bring up emotions. But what I found this last month is it’s not about hiding our emotions or letting them consume us. Neither a mental breakdown nor blocking out the problem will help in the advancement of a horse’s education. Instead, I have let myself feel every emotion that runs through me in the moment and used it as horsemanship fuel. By feeling all the juju, I can better understand where a horse might be coming from on a soul level. By processing these feelings, I have been able to offer the horses something beyond the mechanics. I really felt the changes in my rides over the last week, especially with Tapadero, a favorite ranch horse of mine. I’ve noticed by offering this different feel, he has started to look to me as his safe place. I’m excited to see how this emotional experiment plays out. I know I’m only peeling back the next layer of the onion as Shayne likes to say.

We have been busily working on our projects along with riding. We had quite the wind storm earlier in the week with gusts up to 40 mph. I woke up in the wee hours on Wednesday morning to all kinds of sounds from the wind blowing things about. Luckily all of the ponies were just fine but the wind caused a few trees to fall and we lost power for a day. On the night we lost power, Emily and I decided to have a sleepover at the lodge where we had light and heat thanks to our generator. We each camped on a couch with a blanket and we discussed our rides of the day. We had many laughs as we shared our adventures. The next morning, Chris, Brenda and I got to work cleaning up the fallen trees. Chris and I spent our morning dragging trees behind Clifford (Chris’s truck), and repairing fences until the pastures were all set again. EmDog and I also had the chance to give the kitchen a redo. We moved all of Emily’s shelving and cabinetry around the give the kitchen a whole new feel. I have never seen a happier chef. 🙂

And so the journey continues……


Groundwork with Des

There’s Trouble in the making

January 9, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 1

Guess Who?

Psst….Hey! Down here! It’s me, Trouble the ranch cat!

Emily left the lodge door cracked and I managed to slip in, undetected, to have a look around. I’m so crafty. purr*

The Lodge is so cozy and warm this time of year and always smells of fresh bacon, though I can never manage to get my paws on some. Note to self…maybe if I act even cuter than normal Emily will sneak me a piece. 

Hey, Wait for me!!

Life as a Ranch Cat continues on as normal around here and I of course take my supervisor job very seriously. The wranglers have all been working so diligently on winter projects that sometimes I don’t see them until supper time so I have taken it upon myself to help out and have started taking notes while I walk around the lodge and cabins for things that need addressing. So far, what I have found is that the cabins are buttoned up tight, much to my dismay, and that there aren’t nearly enough snacks left out for me to quality check. I definitely need to remember to bring this up with management.

Life for a Ranch Cat here is quite relaxing but sometimes I like to spice it up a little and cause a little mischief to keep everyone on their toes. What’s life without a little adventure, am I right? For example, the other night as I saw Emily leaving the lodge for the night I waited up high in a tree while she checked the red sheds, I never know what she’s looking for, maybe mice for a late evening snack? That’s what I would do but I digress. As she started to walk away that’s when I put on my best acting skills and I started meowing from up high in the tree until she noticed. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized where I was! Hahaha, I’m so crafty. Anyways, the human went off to get a ladder and then promptly returned to “save me”. With the aid of Brenda, another human wrangler here, Emily climbed up high to “rescue” me. Did I mention it was starting to snow, and it was pitch black, and it was cold? Little do they know that I am an expert climber and could have gotten down all on my own but where’s the fun in that, and I just like the attention. Purr*

Bucky looking cute from the mare pasture. Perhaps she was waiting for Trouble to come out and play?

The humans “rescued” me from the tree without incident, even if it did require Emily to climb a few limbs to reach me and I got loads of love and affection after we were back on the ground. Mission accomplished. 

This Highline thing is sort of fun. I can finally reach out to all my adoring fans! But, I think I hear Emily coming so I gotta run! Stay safe out there humans and send treats!!

Until the lodge door is left open again, 

Much Love from your FAVORITE Ranch Cat, 


P.S.- If you are missing being around my bubbly personality, I heard through the grapevine that there is still some space left to book in 2021. Give the gals a call and make sure you tell them that I should get extra treats for being so lovable 🙂

Chex and Fox – Move out the way!

Taps being camera shy

Another winter view


See ya soon!  



January 2, 2021, Volume 15, Issue 52

Happy New Year everyone!

Pecos- better known as ‘Pickles’!

As we ride into 2021, the sentiment out and about is, let’s kick 2020 out the door on its butt, and move on to better things. At the ranch, we are truly blessed to have had a sense of normalcy throughout the pandemic as we chug along through our day-to-day adventures.

The horses know nothing of the chaos in the outside world, and we as their partners, need to do our best to convey leadership and guidance despite any internal feelings we have happening. While this can be an extreme exercise in self-awareness and discipline, we owe it to them- every minute of every day. I am grateful to be among folks who have this goal in mind and who are all in it for the horse. Below you can read more about our staff’s individual gratitude. We will also be conveying a personal goal that each of us have- you can check these out on our FB page in the coming weeks… 🙂

“I’m grateful for where we live and even though COVID affected our guest season, it did not drastically affect our way of life.  Things were pretty normal in our little solitary utopia—and I feel that we are beyond blessed for that.”  ~Des

Des and Tucker

“As this trying year has come to an end I find myself looking back on everything we have endured. It would be easy and convenient to claim that 2020 was one the worst years but truthfully all I am able to recall are the amazing opportunities I have been able to partake in and more important how much I’ve grown. This year has forced me into some uncomfortable territory both mentally and physically and I am extremely grateful for each and every uncomfortable moment. It’s those uncomfortable moments that have really helped me grow beyond what I had originally thought possible. I have grown as an individual and feel more confident in every aspect of my life and who I am. I’ve rediscovered things I had forgotten about myself and pushed to learn new and foreign concepts that have allowed me to focus in on what I feel it means to truly live a rewarding life. “                   ~Emily

“The thing I’m most grateful for in 2020 was how we were able to continue to ride and work, pretty much as normal. Then, being able to bring guests of the ranch into this environment by utilizing the quarantine made it even more meaningful. Because of that, the ranch never felt dramatically different for us, or the guests who were able to come.”                                                                              ~Kevin

Shayne and Cooley

“This year I’m the most grateful for my ranch family. We have all gotten so close over this last year and it’s made the ranch experience even more special. I have never been around such a strong, supportive and gritty group of people. No matter what I know they’ve always got my back. I’m looking forward to sharing another year of adventures with this amazing crew.”                                            ~Maddie


“I am grateful for my country that still, at least for now, stands for freedom and bravery.”                            ~Brenda

“It’s the little things…I’ve always been one to focus on the bigger picture /goal, but this year I am grateful for finally discovering the “little things”.  I am realizing that while the bigger picture is important, it is the awareness of all the details and little pleasures along the way, that makes the journey memorable. Being able to spend more time with my ranch family this season, really getting to know them, and doing the same with the ponies, has been so uplifting. Even though we all have this study of horsemanship as our commonality, every person and every horse brings to the table their individuality- and this is something that I will treasure.”                                                ~Janice

May Peace and Happiness be with you.

Your friends at MMR

Wyatt Earp

Peace On Earth and at McGinnis Meadows

December 26th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 51

Gingerbread cookies!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! Here at the ranch, we were treated to a full Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and then a delicious Brunch on Christmas Day. Emily out did herself, and the crew all pitched in to make it a team effort. The new snowfall made for even more scenic views overlooking the meadows and mountains from the dining room.

The conversation at dinner was that of gratefulness, and how much we appreciate all that we have here. Recognizing that it is very challenging times for many folks, we are even more focused on seeing the good in all that we do have. For me, this Christmas was one of my best at the ranch- the team here this winter is small, but mighty. It is such a great cohesive group and the friendships have continued to grow. We even got brave enough to put out some of our “artistic talent”. Kevin, Brenda and I played and sang our rendition of the Little Drummer Boy. Maddie played guitar and sang Bubbly by Cobie Caillet. And for a final song, Brenda sang an amazing version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.It was truly a special day!

Gunner and Wyatt

The horses are all doing great as well, thanks to Brenda’s continued care and overseeing of the herd. She cares deeply for each one of them and it shows – they have never looked better. We woke up to about 4″ of new powder today, so I am sure as I write this, the ponies are looking very fuzzy in their picture-perfect postcard setting.

Trouble gave us a good scare this week. We didn’t see him for a few days which is very unlike him. Emily and I searched high and low but to no avail. Then out of the blue, on Wednesday, as I was out calling for him, guess who came bounding across the driveway?  He was fat and fluffy so no doubt had found a good hiding spot. It was the perfect Christmas present to see him!  He has been sticking around now, probably because he realized how much petting and attention he is getting again 🙂

Another beautiful sunrise


As we head into the New Year, we wish everyone the best in 2021- May the troubles in the world subside and we find peace and happiness in all we do.





Happy Trails,


Kate, helping as usual

Kevin looking very festive






Holidays at the Ranch!

December 19th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 50

Happy Holidays!

It’s a beauty!

The holidays are here and it is a much-celebrated time of year at McGinnis Meadows! We have our usual small crew here for the winter season and last night after dinner, they put the finishing touches on our Christmas tree. Even Kevin’s dog Kate was in the holiday spirit wanting to help!

Just because we have a small crew, doesn’t mean we skimp on meals here- Emily continues her awesome cooking for staff and the oven braised ribs were a testament to her flair for making sure we are all well fed :-).

We are continuing to ride guest string horses each day and learning a ton, practicing our roping skills and seat position to help our horses be able to move in balance. Even if one never plans on roping a live steer, these skills really teach you how to use your body instead of relying on the reins, to operate your horse. Doing a job with a horse, whether it is flagging a young colt, opening gates, roping or checking cattle, really brings your horsemanship to another level. It has been so fun riding with everyone this winter!

Rip became friends with the ball while he was waking up from his teeth float

Speaking of colts, the babies got their first encounter with having their teeth floated. They all did great! Des does an amazing job at getting these youngsters to feel good about new experiences and this will carry over to anything they do under saddle.

Maddie helping Dr G. with teeth health

Chris has been making trips up the mountain to bring Willy fuel for the excavator while he cleans up Shayne’s new piece of land. It is always an adventure when there is snow and/or ice on the ground.  While the East is getting pounded with snow, we are chugging along with just enough to make it white outside. It is a wet mix of rain and snow as I write this, but the forecast is optimistically predicting more snow for next week. Bring it on for Christmas!

We wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday and look forward to seeing many of you here soon.


Until next time,


Sparky loves playing in the snow!

Kate works hard at keeping the boys in line

Hadlee, investigating this strange looking steer…

A quiet week at the ranch


December 12th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 49

Hey everyone! It’s Maddog reporting live from the ranch! I will be writing the Highline for Janice while she is home for the holidays. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share the latest happenings of the ranch with all of you.

Last weekend we said goodbye to Scott and Alyssa who went home to their families for the winter. It’s been very quiet without the both of them. I keep expecting Scotty (I affectionately refer to him as my big brother) to walk through the lodge door and start cracking jokes. I also miss having hilarious conversations with Alyssa over breakfast, it was the best way to start the day. Scott and Alyssa will be back soon though and the crew and I are looking forward to having them back!

Meanwhile, over at the arena it’s been another busy week of riding. Des has been riding through some of her younger horses and I’ve had the opportunity to help her along the way. Riding beside her, I’ve learned how to support her horse with proper positioning and presence. Doing this has helped me learn to read the horse better so I can be in the right place at the right time, giving the colt support. Des does such an amazing job preparing her horses on the ground to where the first rides are a breeze for both horse and rider. It’s been really fun to help Des along the way and she has taught me so much on how to properly give a horse the right start.

Along with watching the younger horses progress, we have been working on backing and roping. This week,

Chris cutting down our Christmas tree

Shayne taught us how to canter small circles with our ropes around a barrel. The goal was to stack our ropes perfectly while coiling or uncoiling with each rotation around the barrel without our ropes touching the ground. I had never done anything like it before and was a bit nervous to try it. But I entered up, and lets just say I had Shayne laughing pretty good with my lack of coordination. After a few minutes, I found my rhythm and was stacking my coils around the barrel. My goal is to do that exercise everyday until branding season. Kevin’s mom, Bronwyn, has also been riding with us this week. She has improved leaps and bounds in just one week. Her seat position has completely changed and she’s had a great feel with the horses. All week long Bronwyn has done a great job performing leg yields, haunches in and backing arcs. Not to mention she is a pleasure to have around and the crew enjoys hearing all the Kevin stories.

Here’s trouble 🙂

In other ranch news, it finally starting snowing again- maybe we will have a white Christmas after all J. Many of the ranch ponies are enjoying some time off this month and are full on in their winter coats! Chris has been busy keeping all the ranch vehicles up and running, and the rest of the staff is busy with a variety of projects

We are all looking forward to decorating our tree in the lodge this weekend. Stay tuned for more pictures…

Until next time!


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Shayne looking out from his new grazing allotment

Another beautiful sunrise!

Time Flies!



December 5th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 48

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. Just last week we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner! Levi, our most recent intern who came at the end of August left the day after Thanksgiving. He had befriended all of us during is time here, and will be sorely missed until his return next season, especially by Kevin. Our crew is shrinking a bit for our winter season, but don’t worry many of us will return next year!

Sol and Shamrock

This week has been filled with some riding but mostly catching up on ranch projects. The boys have been working over at the shop, while Emily and Maddie have been busy decorating the lodge with Christmas cheer. Meanwhile Janice and I have been busy running the office, and booking guests for next year. It feels good to catch up on some projects, especially as the days have been getting colder and shorter.

Willy, one of our ranch hands has been busy logging Shayne’s new piece Pier and Shayne has asked him to get us a tree! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the snow, Christmas music and the general giving spirit of the season. It’s a time for family and friends, which is everyone here at the ranch to me. I go home for a couple of months at the end of this week, and I will sure miss my ranch family while I’m gone, as nice is it will be to see my family back home in Michigan. We have a really great crew here this year and it’s made working here even more fun! Chris who’s the newest hire has already become a big part of the ranch family these past few months. He’s been very knowledgeable and helpful with everything from ranch vehicles; to plumbing and all things ranch work, Chris is your guy. Kevin and Scott have really enjoyed having Chris’s help and knowledge.

It’s been a really great year here at McGinnis in spite of all the craziness going on in the world. We’ve been fortunate to be able to stay on the ranch and avoid a lot of the issues COVID has created. We have missed our lovely guests though! We’re hoping we’ll get to see everybody next season.

Until next time, Happy Holidays!



Trouble being inspected by the herd


Des and Chrome


Shayne and Julio


Keeping an eye on us