Hi Everyone,

It has been a while wince we’ve posted, but we have been hard at work around the ranch and have finished up our August Women’s Weeks. We are rolling right into fall season with guests arriving today! We had an incredible month in August, our ladies moved the cattle to McKillop from the State piece and finally to the final grazing allotment at Davis mountain which is our largest space of 40sq miles! August was filled with some smoking hot weather, fun activities, and friendly competition. We held a charcuterie board competition, horseback scavenger hunt across the ranch, obstacle challenges, ground work competitions, cattle games, and many other fun activities across our guest weeks.

The not so fun portion of the second guest week is 1/2 our staff ended up with COVID! We had a guest who was unaware they had it and so that put a damper on our week, it made us feel a little like we were in the twilight zone. Nonetheless we were able to finish the guest week strong! Our hospitality/kitchen staff was down for the count, so Sami and Alex were called in to have a menu and dinners for the second half of the week. Might I say, we were creative and it turned out pretty good, especially the CHURRO cake! Max & Jenna were able to keep the riding side of things going with Des and the ladies were still able to have all of the horsemanship and outside experience they hoped for. Somehow our staff makes the miracles happen when nothing looks right.

We rolled into a week of shoeing with Tommy right after our guests left, Max and Sami were the shoeing crew while we awaited everyone to test negative and feel better. Horses are shod, everyone is now healthy and we are looking forward to a cooler September with lots of cattle work and time outside. We finally received multiple days of rain which helped knock down the dust and green up the meadows. We are in the final stretch of caring for the cattle until they ship out October 10th.  We will be sad when they go, but everyone is healthy and thriving. We are prepped and ready to roll into September with crisp days and beautiful views.