January 12, 2019 – Volume 14 – Issue 2

Greetings everyone!

We are in our own little misty section of the world this week.  It started with the most snow we have received all season, to rain mid week,

Ralph & Waldo

then the fog rolled in so thick at times we couldn’t see the mountains around us.  But here at the ranch we always make the best of things.  A couple of us decided we were going to get creative…  I am pleased to introduced Ralph the snow cowboy with his horse Waldo.

This week we had Scott and Lorna join us for a week of horsemanship.  The two of them hit it off from the start and enjoyed a lot fun with Roby in the indoor arena.  Roby had them starting on the ground, moving through the fundamentals, and then working together following each others circles and patterns. Roby set the challenges and Scott and Lorna enjoyed working to meet them.

Scott comes to us from Indiana and has been here several times now.  He loves to work on and be challenged in horsemanship.  Scott was happy that he met all his goals he set for himself this week.  The small size class was also a highlight for him to learn and work on movements with that one on one feel. Scott liked that he was challenged each day with a livelier horse and to feel different types of horses was awesome. And of course the scenery and food was top notch as

Scott & Chief


Lorna says this was the best week ever!!!  She has learned so much in the past two weeks.  Her and Scott worked well together and of course she likes the smaller group atmosphere.  Lorna is amazed how much the body can play a role in moving the horse without the hands.  She was tickled pink that she was able to improve in that area this week.  She rode her favorite horse Emma all week and just can’t say enough about the experience.

Lorna & Emma

Well, as we enjoy the heat wave of temperatures above freezing over the next few days (according to the weatherman), we look forward to seeing our old friends and new that are coming out to join us this week.  Hopefully Ralph and his horse Waldo will be around to wave them a greeting when they come up the drive of the ranch.

Happy Trails,




Scooby & Trump




Roby rounding up the crew


Howdy from TJ


Misty Morning


Roby giving instruction for the next challenge


Cold day in January


Lorna riding Emma


Twizzle & Ike