February 16, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 7

Hey everyone,

Have you checked out the video on the McGinnis Meadows Facebook page of the snow “avalanche” off the game room roof? It’s worth watching just to hear Anna and Dave’s reaction. 🙂

Malone looking handsome

The weather seems to be the topic all over the country lately. We have quite a bit of snow on the ground right now. It makes for a bit of extra plowing and shoveling but boy, our guests this week really took advantage of it. Hannah, and her kids Flora and Clem are avid xc skiers. They brought their gear with them and could be seen skiing through the meadows after a full day of riding!

Speaking of riding, what a great week it was. We had family of four join us again with their own horses, (John being the husband and dad of the skiing clan), and many times repeat guest Lynn, here with us.

I asked them what there favorite part of the week was. Clem and Flora really liked the detail in the groundwork. Flora specifically liked working on getting her horse on a united circle and more forward on the circle. Clem and Clover, and Flora and Cache really made nice progress throughout the week. Flora also focused on feeling the life in her hips and improving Cache’s left flexion. It seemed to be working because Friday afternoon she was riding all over the arena using just her legs.

Lynn really liked riding different horses this week. She had never ridden our ranch horses Scotch or Boone before and she had a blast with both of them!

Lynn and Boone

Shayne and Des focused a lot on groundwork this week in part, to help the horses through some trouble spots. Shorty would get afraid of things like the rollup arena door, and had some tight spots leading up. Shayne explained how these spots can lead to a horse pulling back. Well, by the end of the week, Shorty was a changed horse. His demeanor was so much calmer and the rollup door could go up and down all day long and he didn’t even flinch! While Shorty was getting his lessons, Des worked with Cache, Flora’s horse with groundwork and Flora got to feel the difference it can make.

We had a new intern join us this week too. Rey hails from NYC, and has just finished up a job working on ships that support the US Navy. He has sailed all around the world. He found his love of horses after he saw a documentary about prisoners working with wild mustangs. He has also been a safari guide and rode on a safari reserve with giraffes and zebras! He has been riding for one year and is hungry to improve his

Rey riding Chaos

horsemanship. He’ll be with us for one month and we look forward to seeing him progress.

There have been recent Trouble, Sophie and Lily sightings (these are our ranch cats in case you haven’t met them yet!) and they are faring very well despite the cold and snow. Every once in awhile you might get a surprise when you open up the game room door to find Trouble lounging on the chair. He is really good at sneaking inside, and then with a yawn acts like “What? I am just trying to get some sleep!

They do have nice cozy fleece beds to keep them comfortable in the Antler room and on the porch, but who can blame him for giving the indoors his best shot?

Jenna has been outdoing herself with meals and amazing desserts. Every day there are treats galore and so very creative! Don’t come here expecting to be on or stay on a diet. 🙂

Dave and Anna have been doing a lot of shoveling, and plowing to keep ahead of things here this week.

All that snow!

I saw a post recently that mentioned the cold is really the least of the issues when you work on a farm or a ranch. What challenges you are the “little” things- frozen gate latches, frozen water tubs, equipment that won’t start and even walking through thigh high snow to get chores done…now that will test your mettle sometimes. But the plus side is a great opportunity to take in the beauty that surrounds you in winter white. The horses in all their furriness, the elk, the snow-laden trees, are all just beautiful this time of year, if we remember to take time to see them.

Here’s wishing you a fun week ahead.

Happy trails,


What a character that Trouble is! Clem and Flora thought he was pretty cool.

Flora and her horse Cache, working on timing up with the feet

Clem and Clover doing groundwork

Shorty says hi

Conditions are great for some xc skiing! Flora, Hannah and Clem.

Wow- what can you say? Cake by Jenna