Volume 17, Issue 2

Howdy Everyone

We all here at the ranch hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. I think I can speak for most when I saw we are excited to leave 2021 behind in hopes of bigger and better things in 2022!

Chris getting some serious snowblowing done

This past week brought with it some seriously crazy weather. It started off with negative temps in the low 10’s. We were all very busy checking waters and horses to ensure that everyone was well and had access to water as often as possible. It can be difficult to keep livestock healthy in these conditions but our crew here at the ranch does an amazing job keeping up with everything that is needed.

Trouble always supervising Em’s work

Mid/late week brought in a snow storm that threatened to drop up to 33in of snow! Luckily we didn’t get that much but instead we faced a different challenge. On the second day of the storm the temps jumped up to near 40 degrees and the snowfall quickly changed to rain. Every gate and pathway still needed shoveling so we all donned our warmer rain gear and headed out to clean everything up. What a day!

Starlit night at the ranch

Thankfully Holly made it back to the ranch safe and sound and after a long day shoveling she made all some absolutely terrific chicken soup with homemade noodles! As as if it couldn’t get any better she also made us her famous soft dinner rolls. It was the perfect meal to warm us all up.

The sun finally came out today which lit up the snow covered valley. It was nice to finally see some blue skies. We almost forgot what they looked like! Well that’s all for now folks, until next week.

Stay warm out there!