Volume 17, Issue 18

Howdy everyone! How are y’all doing?!

Alex here, I am a seasonal wrangler at the ranch. Summers and Falls are here at the ranch and Winters and Springs are at home in the northeast doing personal trainer work

We have been very busy at the ranch, Everyone has been going in many directions and lending a helping hand a little bit of everywhere to prepare the ranch for the next 10 day so that our guests can have an amazing time riding and practicing the style of horsemanship we teach here at the ranch!

Scott and Kevin have been working on the fence on the Ferguson piece. They are doing a really good job getting it put in and solid for the routes it has to be on. I have seen them do fencing work before, and they are very good at navigating in the wilderness to establish a well made fence.

Jenna and Micheli have been taking care of the hospital horses checking on them and making sure they are healing up well. They have also been doing a lot of riding with Des to develop and further their horsemanship and they are doing an excellent job at it. They recently went out to drive cattle with Shayne. Our recent intern, Daniel was a part of this cattle drive on his last day here.  He has done an excellent job with the time that he was here at the ranch. We already miss him dearly. Their 5 person crew did a really good job driving the cattle to where they needed to go to and it was a good learning experience for everyone on that drive.

There has been much cleaning in the horse and cattle pastures to make sure that they are all clean, smooth, and open for the horses to move around and relax.

Holly has been making a lot of delicious food lately with some new recipes she has been utilizing in the kitchen. We all love her cooking and baking, She works very hard to make sure everyone is well fed with delicious and nutritious meals during the day. I have been helping in the kitchen learning the kitchen/restaurant process, and it is a very good learning experience to see how meticulous someone as culinarily seasoned as Holly can be to make sure a kitchen is as ship shape as possible.

Dani Has been doing much housekeeping to take care of all the cabins so that they are always warm, cozy, and vibrant for every guest that comes here to experience what we do. Dani is very detail oriented when it comes to making sure a cabin is at its coziest, and shining best!

One of my projects has been to mow and weed eat the Belgarde bungalow yards and the shop equipment yards to make sure the grassy yards are as clean and crisp as possible. After much work on them, they are now cleaner, and more open for everyone to go do any type of work that needs to be done on them.

It has been a collective effort to making sure that things are ran as efficiently, effectively, and as smoothly as possible here. We always work hard and as a team to complete every project and do every job with total teamwork, communication, and fine attention to detail. Everyone has done an amazing job!

Until next time…