January 26, 2019 – Volume 14 – Issue 4

Greetings everyone!

Winter is definitely here at McGinnis Meadows.  Dave has been busy making snow piles and shoveling paths to get around the lodge.  However, the locals tell me that this is an unusual warm winter with temperatures in the upper 30’s.  It sure does make some pretty icicles off the buildings, dripping during the day and freezing at night.

As most of you have seen, the elk herd is getting more comfy out in the winter pasture. Dave and Erin say that they don’t even run now a

Elk Herd 2019

days when the feed truck goes through.  So, I don’t have to bust out the camouflage to get a good picture.

Even this week’s guest, GG, is enjoying the snow.  Since, GG was staying two weeks with us, she took

Snow Kitty

advantage of the snow last Saturday and made herself a snow cat, complete with whiskers.

GG has enjoyed being the only pupil this week.  Learning a great deal of things from Roby.  Jenna taught some too at the beginning of the week.  GG said she was much more focused this week than last. She has gained much confidence in understanding and planning ahead before the movement occurs to be clearer in what she is asking of the horse.  Doing the movement with more quality then just going through the motions.  Roby had her opening and closing gates on the horse.  He even had her roping off a horse.  She said with a laugh afterward… that she found muscles she hasn’t used in awhile or even knew that existed.  Along with the great experience with horsemanship, GG has made a lot of good friends at the ranch.  She enjoyed the laughs at lunch, learning about everyone’s stories, and sharing her own.  GG can’t wait to come back for a third visit to the ranch in the near future.

Roby & GG

We like when our friends return year after year just as much as we look forward meeting new ones.  Don’t forget that we are running our Valentine’s Special through February 14th.  This is a really good deal if you are looking to come to the ranch for a visit this year.  If you want to know about it give Janice or Adrienne a call (406-293-5000) and we can give you the low down.

Happy Trails,








Roby & Jasper


Bud Bock


GG & Benny


Out for a walk about


GG & Chalkeye


Roby & Britches


GG Learning to Rope on Chalkeye