October 2nd, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 39

The trees are finally starting to change colors here in the meadow. It’s been frosty in the mornings lately but still getting up to 70 degrees during the day, perfect riding weather if you ask me!

Morning views waiting for the herd to come in!

Wranglers and guests have been continuing to gather cattle and push them to the Belgard pasture, where we’re holding them. As of this week we’re down to less than 50 head on the mountain! The guests have been very gun ho about going out and looking for them, and have been doing a great job.

This group of steers has been a bit wiley from the beginning, but have been fairly easy to move as of late, except for on Wednesday this week. Guests Verena and Jack and Sharon came back that night regaling us tales of their pesky steers at dinner. Apparently their 9 head kept squirting off in all sorts of directions and then they would have to go re-gather them, but everyone cowboyed up and got them back on track. Never a dull day out on the mountain!

The last couple of Saturdays we’ve had Dr. G out here to do the horses teeth, and to checkout any horses that are injured. I personally love when the vet comes because it’s always so interesting to see what he does to help our injured horses, or what they look for in a horse’s mouth in terms of good teeth as of late. We’re so lucky to have such a good vet available and that we get to learn so much about horses, from the riding, to the shoeing, to the vet work etc. There are so many opportunities here!

Well here’s to hoping as our season comes to end the weather stays nice as long as possible!

See you next week,



Jingling in


Leroy out at Graze