Hi Everyone!

We have had a wonderfully busy couple of weeks at the ranch. We hosted our first guest week of the season and then rolled right into shoeing the herd for the start of the season. Des and Shayne chose two interns to join us this season, Liz & Lainey! Liz will officially be joining the crew in May and Lainey mid-April. We welcomed another member of the staff, Hannah Rae this week! She will be assisting Brooklynn in housekeeping. We are almost a full house!

Our first guest week was a ton of fun and we enjoyed spending time with old and new friends in the arena. Tommy just left us, wrapping up our first week of shoeing the herd. Everyone got a fresh trim at least and many received a set of shoes to prepare for riding outside. Liz was able to drive up for the week to learn about shoeing and try her hand at the process with us. We began our week with sunshine and ended with snow!

Spring is always a little bit temperamental around here. We have days of sun and warmth with green peaking through the old grass and then a day later we will have an outpouring of snow. Slowly but surely the beautiful weather is coming through as the winter breaks, making way for sunshine and the glow of new growth everywhere. Soon enough we will be ready to ride outside as things green up and dry out a bit.

We have our next guest week coming up April 20-28 with what looks to be an awesome group! They will be the first ones outside for the year exploring. If you want to join us this Spring, we do have availability during the April week as well as May 11-19! These are great weeks to bring a horse of your own. Also a fantastic week if you would like a cabin to yourself, these are the only weeks we offer solo cabins, so now is your chance!

Anyway, can’t wait to see everyone this year, the official season is right around the corner!

-The Crew