May 23, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 20

Another week under our belts and another week closer to summer!

Anna and Emily COVERED in dirt after cleaning the arena

While the rain and chilly weather has still plagued the valley for the past days, we have had to postpone the completion of our branding. But, Lord knows there are plenty of other projects and jobs to be done around the ranch while we wait for the skies to clear.

This week we were able to allocate time towards the beautification of the Kit Arena- otherwise known as Roby’s Arena. We were all in there sweeping the floors, washing the rails, and wiping down the walls to freshen up the whole place; and now its lookin’ good 🙂

Curious boys

We also have been keeping a close eye on our herd of steers; on Friday we moved them all to the West Piece where they have plenty of grass and a nice grove of Aspens to relax beneath. Our crew is getting a lot of great experience and fun out of caring for these beasties- one of the main objectives when moving cattle is to always know how many you have. When moving groups from pasture to pasture, you always have to have an accurate count to ensure none are ever missing or lost (we also have a couple this season who relish the opportunity to escape and break through the fence). So, the other day when we were moving the steers we counted them four times. Usually, as well, there was more than one person counting- for us it was often two or even three people! But we got all our counts and all steers are accounted for.

There is another important practice when moving cattle and Shayne asked me this questions just the other day as we were preparing to head out: he asked, “What is the first thing you do when you move cattle to a new piece?” My response: “Put them on water” (I got it right!).  Another important thing: make sure all of your gates are closed behind you (remember that escapee steer?).


We are one week closer to summer and one week closer to welcoming our friends back to the ranch. Stay safe, everyone! We miss you.  But we’ll get to ride with you again soon.

Happy trails,



The gang with Brenda and her new B-day present (Anna was taking the photo)

Bald eagle surveying the cattle


Maddie and Ahna picking up sticks

One of our beautiful views- cloudy edition