November 7th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 44

The snow left us a couple of weeks ago, but has been replaced by quite a bit of rain! Feels like fall again here at the ranch, although winter will be back before we know it. At the start of this week the trucks came and picked up our cattle.

Moving cattle on a frosty morning

Shayne, Maddie, Kevin and Scott moved all 216 steers from the Shop Pasture up into the holding pens on Tuesday morning. We weighed them all in groups of 10, they were checked out by the brand inspector and then off they went –four truck loads worth! Sadly, one steer had to stay behind though because he had a bum foot, we decided to name him Zip. Brenda has been diligently taking care of him all week, but he will be going to a new home with Will and Willy Vincent a couple of our ranch hands. We’re all a little sad to see him go as we’ve all grown a bit attached, but we can look forward to a new group of steers in the spring.

Ranch projects in preparation for winter continue; the boys have pretty much finished chopping wood for our wood stoves in the shop, which will help keep all our ranch vehicles that are parked there, warm over the winter. Speaking of which, Kevin, Scott and Chris took several of our ranch vehicles into town to get snow tires put on so we can drive them on the ranch in the winter.

Meanwhile in the office Janice and I have been booking people for our 2021 season! It’s exciting to talk about our change in program; we are looking forward to the new adventure. The month long program we did this season really ended up being a big hit, and we’re excited to add it to the schedule next season, as well as the 10 days.

Scott, Kevin and Maddie

In the arena this week we’ve really been working on our soft feels and getting connected with our horses. Shayne has also been working Hemi, Emily’s horse either horseback with the flag or via groundwork. It has been fascinating to watch, and Shayne has really showed us all the importance of the connection between horse and human. I am constantly impressed by the amount of knowledge Shayne has, there is always something to learn from him.

That’s all for this week!

Happy Trails,





Shayne Riding Boone out a couple weeks ago


Getting the cattle ready to load


Working gates


Moo moos