May 9, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 18

Ground crew waiting on a steer

Another week under our belts!

Branding is going smoothly thus far- when the weather is good in the afternoons we pull 25 head out of their pasture in front of Randy’s house and bring them over to Shayne’s outdoor arena for a time all participants will certainly remember. So far we have completed 125 head!

Scott and Yellowhair holding feet

Once the steers have received their brand, vaccination, and new ear tag, we set them free to graze in Shayne’s pasture where they have the chance to peacefully rest amidst plentiful grazing and water.

Efficiency. Teamwork. Precision.

Its been a really great opportunity to be a part of the branding this year- since so many of our usual roping team has been unable to join us during quarantine a few of us have been given the chance to practice our shots and be a part of the ride! While having been on ground crew before, I have never been on horseback during branding, holding feet and setting shots, and let me tell you, its been a blast! Such a learning experience! I am definitely grateful to be surrounded by teachers and friends while thrust into this new environment- whenever I make a mistake, they are there to help me remember my training and keep everything straight.

Shayne and Des after a successful day of branding

And, as always, we love our ground crew during branding! They are doing such a fabulous job on keeping the whole process efficient and smooth.

We have also been working on a lot of projects around the ranch- fore mostly we have been cleaning up the yard- McGinnis Meadows landscaping crew has been deployed with a mission to make the grounds around the lodge and cabins as pristine as possible. As it turns out, this was no small task after a winter of fallen branches, pinecones, and needles. But, with the help of so many hands and a couple days worth of time, the place is lookin’ good 🙂

Maddie and Anna <3

Well, that’s our week! A good week- one where at the end, the Sunday rest is all the more precious.

And, of course we could never forget! We would like to take a moment to wish a very happy birthday to our dear friend, Bernie Ziegner! We’ll miss having you at the ranch with us this year, Bernie; have a blessed day and year and we’ll see you very soon!

Be well, friends, and happy trails!


Roby and Magoo

Biscuit sneaking snacks off the feed truck

Ride for the brand