Hi Guys,

This last week we have been busy in the arena doing a deep clean from floor to ceiling to prepare for the upcoming guest season. Every surface of the arena is attended to throughout the week. We clean everything from the tops of the tack rooms, to the baseboards, ceiling, beams, heaters, mirrors, lights and so much more. We always have some entertaining finds as we clean the arena. One of which was the fact that somehow arena sand ends up on the beams near the ceiling (talk about stopping hard enough to kick the footing up!). The other is we KNOW Spring is here because the darn flies are alive and somehow manage to already be in the arena buzzing around the ceiling. In preparation we have already hung traps from the ceiling to help mitigate the issue.
A big project this time is that the baseboards have accumulated rust because of the consistent humidity in the arena. Noah, Jenn, and I scraped the baseboards down and sprayed them with rust treatment. Over the last couple of days the baseboards received primer. Today Noah finished the final coat enamel paint to finish them off!