January 11, 2020 Volume 15, Issue 2

This week we are finally getting some snow- about 7” and more on the way!

Gleaming saddles!

The crew here has continued delimbing pastures and really made a super effort to clean as many of the 36 guest saddles as they possibly could. They made great progress with only 3 remaining! Then it will be on the bridles, reins, saddlebags and chinks 🙂

Temps have been very kind to us this winter but it looks like a cold front will be moving in this coming week. I expect we will see even more hair on the horses- they are already quite fluffy. One thing for sure, they know how to prepare for a Montana winter!

The elk have returned as well, now that the ground is covered with snow. I think they are in the wings waiting for this to happen as it seems they magically appear with perfect timing to join the horse herd in the hay feast each day.

First of the large herd seen

Des and I have been super busy working on the marketing and office end of things. Maybe you have seen some of the posts on FB and instagram? Stay tuned because there will be a lot more to follow! We have got some exciting things planned for this season.

Kevin’s dad has been visiting him this week and it has been fun to see them hanging out together. It is always so nice to have staff family visiting the ranch!

These are photos that Emily took, in between all of the awesome cooking she does to keep us well fed. We can never say we go away hungry!

Until next time, happy trails,



Feed crew, Anna and Emily


Chaos and Boone- they are best buds


Full moon