February 20, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 7

There is a small room attached to the indoor arena closest to the lodge that is referred to as the warming hut. It originally was used to keep watch over newly born calves and their mothers back when Shayne raised Charolais cattle. When I am not riding, I spend most of my time in this room. I can usually be found gathering medical supplies for the next day or stocking more medical supplies that are needed on-hand, and in an emergency, drawing up medicine and treating an injured horse right there just outside the warming hut in what we refer to as the hospital. About a year ago, an idea brewed to transform the warming hut from a space once used for watching cattle with stored veterinary supplies, to a space that looked at felt like a veterinary office.

This past week, myself, Chris and Emily went to work on transforming this small space into something new.

After remodel

There were moments when it seemed we were on one of those home improvement reality television shows with plenty of laughter thrown in. Chris skillfully took out the shower and in its place put in a brand new sink as well as laid new flooring. He is quite adept at using a skill saw. Emily put her master painting skills to use and painted floor to ceiling, colors of which she picked out herself (she once worked in the paint department at Home Depot). I, on the other hand, went to work on transporting a sea of medical supplies from old containers to new cabinets and drawers. On Saturday evening, we finally finished. What an accomplishment! Now, when you open the door to the warming hut, if feels just like you are walking into a veterinary office, and that at any moment, a vet with stethoscope and clipboard in hand will walk through the door.

Group feed!


If you plan to come to the ranch for one of our 10-day experiences, come on over and visit me in the warming hut. It would be my delight to show you around.

Happy Trails,