Hi Everyone,

We’ve been busy this week finishing up a few projects around the ranch. One major thing we do in the winter is regularly go through and groom the entire herd of 80 horses. Even though we see them every day to check for any wounds or skin funk, we still like to make sure their bodies get a good once over. They get the full treatment of body, mane, & tail. Today Brooklynn, Jenna, Brenda, and I all went through and gave everyone some love! Many of the boys enjoyed the shedding blade and having their hair done. We have quite a few with the farm temps who needed more funk treatment for their skin because wet above freezing weather likes to attract fungus like crazy. It is quite itchy too so we had lots of happy boys wanting extra scratches as we applied more M-T-G to their bodies. We also had lots of help from friends wanting more scratches and attention following us around once they were finished. King was a major instigator wanting more attention after his session. Our grooming box was also a hit with many of the boys going through and picking the brushes out and tossing them in the snow. Here are some cute pictures from our grooming sessions. Enjoy!