Peak season at McGinnis Meadows is all about BEAUTIFUL SCENERY, MULTIPLE RIDING ACTIVITIES and FUN!

Our horseback riding program is all about the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship, and is the central activity at McGinnis Meadows Ranch. Buck’s style is a method that is both gentle and effective and creates a unique kinship between horse and rider. We believe that by utilizing the horse’s natural instincts we are able to gain their trust and loyalty.

You will have more hands-on time with your horse than any place else. With our large herd of well taught ranch horses, we can accommodate anyone from the beginning rider to the experienced riding enthusiast. We will match you with a horse that best suits your skill level, or you can bring your own. Using all the same tack that we use, Slick fork saddles custom made by Kent Frecker, Jeremiah Watt snaffle bits and mecate reins, we spare no expense to ensure you an authentic experience in this way of horsemanship.

This program caters to ALL experience levels. Each person will be challenged to the extent of his or her own ability, and oftentimes our guests leave feeling that they have far surpassed what they thought they were capable of! We are interested in improving you, as well as the horse you are riding, and we give 110% each day in order to help you achieve that goal.

You get LOTS of one-on-one attention. Typically, our guest to wrangler ratio is no more than 3:1 and oftentimes it’s even less than that.

Learn the Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship daily in a relaxed clinic style environment customized to your needs with our horses or yours in small groups. With personalized instruction from our team of experts, you can continue to focus on furthering your horsemanship skills each day. If you are interested in applying your horsemanship skills to cattle work, we have a unique program here at the ranch to help you gain the skill sets you’ll need out at graze, or in the meadows sorting cattle. (You’ll have to come for a visit to see what it is! ). You’ll soon feel comfortable heading out on the cattle drives offered 2-3 times a week, exploring country in any direction from the ranch, and learning to work cattle through sorting cutting, and ranch penning. You are welcome to ride and experience as much as you wish.

Tell me and I Forget,

Teach me and I Remember,

Involve me and I Learn

Ben Franklin

Just a few of the things riders may learn from our program:

  • Safe trail riding techniques like creek and log crossings,
  • Navigating steep terrain (think Man from Snowy River!),
  • Riding through tough terrain and timber
  • Healthy Cattle management –sorting, cattle driving and general handling

All season we have steers that you and your horse can track, learn to cut, and ultimately ranch pen.

In early June, our cattle drives begin—as we’ll be pushing our cattle onto 40 square miles of timbered wilderness country!A few days a week we will be driving cattle to new pastures, re-riding for strays, and pushing cattle up to the high country and it is a lot of fun! This is intense as our grazing allotment is located in mountainous country. Because of the terrain we take great care to not stress the cattle more than necessary. This means moving them at their pace, giving them a break to drink, and using horsemanship skills to keep the group traveling together. Some days we’re just hunting to find them. We’ll teach you about the ways of cattle, and about proper land management. Guests say this is one of the things that makes THIS ranch special.

Our Fall Gather runs from mid-September through early October. In the brilliance of the fall colors, we’ll cover a lot of country. You’ll learn about tracking cattle, and there will be some waspy ones that don’t want to come in too badly! 

You are welcome to ride and participate as much as you wish. Each evening we come home to the heartiest of meals, and 1st class lodging so you’ll experience the best of both worlds!