Covid-19 Update


2021 Cancellation policy:

COVID-19 -We  understand the travel and transportation limits imposed by airlines and other transportation companies may affect your travel, as well as quarantine’s put into effect. In light of the circumstances, we would be able to shift the date of your reservation until a time when it is safe and authorized to travel, or refund the cost of your reservation.  Please keep us updated on your travel plans/ability as we get closer to the date. And thank you for purchasing travel insurance; we do highly recommend it for your security in unforeseeable situations such as this. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

COVID-19 Ranch Policy:


Per the Governor’s orders, masks are not required in the state of Montana. However, we strongly encourage all of our guests to wear masks in public areas where social distancing is not an option. In a closed ranch vehicle however, masks will be provided and required. We do have a supply of disposable masks available if needed. We also have CDC approved ranch style “bandana masks” available for purchase in our gift shop!

We WILL be requiring our staff and interns to have their masks up whenever they are in close contact with our guests or are in closed spaces.

All guests, interns and staff will have their temperature checked and logged every morning before heading out to ride. If an individual is showing signs of fever or sickness, they will be asked to remain in their quarters until symptoms subside or we can get you to a doctor.

Individuals over 16 coming in may prefer to come having had a COVID shot for extra protection. It is not required however.

We ask that you wash and sanitize your hands frequently. We have provided individual hand sanitizers that you can keep with you at all times. We have also provided Sani-Stations in all of the major thoroughfares throughout the ranch.

Social distancing should be followed when possible. 6 feet please 🙂


All public spaces will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times throughout the day per the CDC guidelines. Hand Sani stations are placed throughout the property at every entrance to each public building


Private guest cabins offer a unique and elegant way to socially distance. Guest cabins are deep cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival.

For 10-day stays, there will be no daily housekeeping services to ensure your space stays private. Staff will pick up trash on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will have a sheet available daily where you can request needed items, linens, etc. We will accommodate any request!

For month long stays, we will speak with you about your individual housekeeping needs and are happy to assist in changeovers as wanted/needed.


Several options are available:

-Dining Room/Game room/Outside & (heated) tent dining

-Cabin delivery is available for guests who would prefer to eat in their rooms

Breakfast will be a grab-and-go style continental with to-go boxes available for easy transport

Lunch will be pre-made brown bagged put together based on your personal selection of items.

Dinner will remain a buffet style service with a sanitizer station to be used before plating your meal. If requested, a staff member will retrieve your food for you.


While preparing to mount, all staff will be wearing masks when assisting guests

Staff are constantly sanitizing when handling guest horses

Each guest uses the same saddle and headstall for the duration of your stay and items are sanitized prior to your arrival

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please reach out to us at (406) 293-5000;