McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch

Working Cattle & Guest Ranch in Northwest Montana

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McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch is an authentic working cattle ranch located in the northwest corner of Montana. Our main emphasis is our Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship and cattle program for beginner to experienced riders. Shayne Jackson, the owner, has traveled and ridden with Buck in over 300 clinics over the last 18 years and continually brings his experience and knowledge back to the ranch. With an average of 15 to 20 guests per week, we can better know you, work with you individually, and tailor each day to you. You’ll receive more one on one attention learning this style of horsemanship than at any other ranch.

During your stay, experience Buck Brannaman horsemanship taught clinic style daily, cattle working, cattle drives, and just heading out and exploring country. Bring your own horse or ride one of our well taught ranch horses using custom made saddles and tack (Kent Frecker Wade saddles and Jeremiah Watt Snaffle Bits with Mecate reins).

McGinnis Meadows Ranch is made up of people who love this way of life. You will find "more" here, from the care put into our lodging and meals, to the care of our horses, fine custom tack, and excellent facilities. "More" in the sincerity of our crew, and "more" in what you find in yourself, and what you can do.

You will leave here a better rider wanting "more". Some tell us this is heaven, "No, it's just paradise".

One of the 6 Best Places to be a Cowboy!

Mentioned by CNN Travel as one of the TOP six places to be a cowboy!
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Winter Horsemanship Weeks
Winter horsemanship weeks begin October 26, 2014 and run through April 18, 2015!
Winter Horsemanship at McGinnnis Meadows Cattle and Guest Ranch
Take advantage of low guest counts, great rates and best of all lots of personalized one-on-one instruction from the ground up!

Experience a deeper understanding of Buck Brannaman style horsemanship and leave with the tools that will help to strengten your horsmanship in the months and years to follow.

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winter horsemanship weeks

"I came to McGinnis Ranch to study horsemanship. Every day I was filled to the brim on how to be a better horseman, new ways to be with a horse, how and what can I offer the horse. But what I didn’t realize was in the learning of how to have something to offer the horse I needed to look into myself: to be 100% present for the horse, for myself, for others. I learned bucket loads of horsemanship and mountains about myself. I stand taller physically, mentally and emotionally. I am not the same person I was when I arrived. An unexpected journey into the "rightness" of life.
A big thank you to all who make McGinnis Ranch what it is."

With a hug and a smile,

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"Back home...already miss the ranch, the horses and most important the cookies, thank you for this incredible week, the kindness of the staff, the patience of the wranglers and the delicious food of the chef! Also special thanks to Shayne: so much to learn from you, I wish we'd have someone like you in France to teach us...anyway only one thing to do: come back next year!!!"


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"Winter weeks at MMG brought my horsemanship to a whole 'nother level. I really felt like I became closer to becoming a true student of the horse, understanding how the horse's body works and how they think, figuring out how my body works with the horse (or not, that all depends on the day!) The small group setting is perfect for those who really want to understand horsemanship at an entirely different level than you can get in the bigger summer groups and the social aspect is not lacking! I especially loved having time to ask Shayne questions... from the horse, to how people work with the horse, how vaquero gear works right down to football strategy (go Seahawks!) Combine all that with the lighted, heated arena and time to get to know the guests and the wranglers who work so hard all year long and be in this peaceful but inspiring setting is the perfect getaway."


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If you've got a horse that you would like to be started, or restarted - we've got spaces available throughout the year. We take a limited number of outside horses and teach them to the same quality as the horses our guests ride here at the ranch.

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We use all Frecker Saddles
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We use all Frecker Saddles at McGinnis Meadows
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