Wrangler Job Openings

Post Date! 1/29/2022

McGinnis Meadows Is Looking for a Motivated Individual to Join Our Team as a Wrangler Full-Time
Position is available immediately as we want to get as much training is as possible before our season opens in April.  This is a full-time position, part-timers/seasonal workers need not apply.  This is a full-time position and we are only looking for individuals who are looking to call this place their home for years to come.
Applicants must be proficient at the walk, trot and canter.  Customer service is also key, so good communication skills and a warm and friendly manner is an absolute necessity.  You will not be considered for the position without sending in a riding video, as well as a full resume with at least 3 references.
Additional skills that will make you stand out in application process are:
Efficient in ranch roping
Knowledge of working with stock
Administrative skills
Knowledge of haying
Background in fence building
Irrigation experience
Maintaining equipment
Ability to operate heavy equipment / drive truck and trailer
The list can go on.  Even though this is a wrangler job and your emphasis will be on riding, nobody on this ranch is a specialist.  We all work as a team and ranching involves everyone working together to get a job done at all times.  Every wrangler can do multiple jobs and when you are not horseback and working with guests, your other skills will be put to use here.  We are looking for individuals who can excel as well-rounded individuals.
To be clear though, we are not necessarily looking for the individual with the most experience.  More than anything, we are looking for someone who shows the most motivation, has the greatest work ethic and the greatest desire to learn.
Our program is based around Buck Brannaman style horsemanship and we align to his principles tightly.  When you join our crew, you’ll be entering into horsemanship bootcamp.  Leave your ego at the door.  All of our wranglers need to be on the same page with how we teach our guests and how we ride our horses.  Buck has described them as some of the finest in the world to learn from.  There is a reason we are particular.  In coming here, you have an opportunity to gain an education in horsemanship that you might not get anywhere else.
Individuals who become McGinnis Meadows wranglers, find that it is an opportunity for an education far beyond what they can describe as anything resembling a “job”.  It teaches incredible self-growth, maturity, skills that can be taken from the horse world into the business world and beyond. 
Pay DOE.  You will receive a salary plus tips.  Health insurance and 401k with matching funds is available for full time employees.  Room and board is included.  You may bring along one well behaved gelding with you as well.  It will be living in a herd with 50+ other geldings.  Sorry, no mares.
If this is something you might be interested in, please apply today by sending in all documents to des@mmgranch.net.  Best of luck to you!