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Colt Starting at McGinnis Meadows Ranch

"Ideal" is learning she is an ideal horse.

By: Dori Bock

This mare's name is Ideal, and has a history of being troubled; always pinned her ears, and would whirl and kick at you. She was hard to catch in that she'd pin her ears and lunge at you! The first time handling her, We had to take the other horses out of her pen and once by herself, she was ready to be caught. Any approaching her, she was ready to fight. Well it's been three days now and a total of 4 hours handling and riding time, and Randy came in beaming to tell me he just roped off of her! Her ears are up and she's happily eager for more! I've just heard about her through Randy, and as I read this back to him, he welled up with tears at this newfound joy she's feeling. Randy chuckled and said she's going to be a pulling son of a gun! (That's a good thing for a roping horse).

Randy and Joey Playing Cow

By: Randy Bock

Shayne and Jo-Z Sing

By: Shayne Jackson

Natural Horsemanship

By: Brianna M Heilig
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We use all Frecker Saddles
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We use all Frecker Saddles at McGinnis Meadows
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