Shayne is the owner and he spends much of his time at the ranch teaching these days.  Shayne started the ranch in 1998, inspired by the idea of a guest ranch that could share the grandness and excitement of the cowboy way and Buck Brannaman style horsemanship with all levels of rider experience.  Most doubted that such a thing could be done.  The effort has been astounding, but what we do here is unique and what Shayne has found is a passion for great horsemanship.  It shows itself in every horse and wrangler and guest that comes here.

Shayne and Buck have been best friends for a long time, and Buck has been Shayne’s only mentor.   He can’t count the number of clinics he’s traveled to and ridden in with Buck over the past 17 years.   I don’t think you’ll meet another individual who has worked harder at his horsemanship as well as at his teaching.  Shayne is dedicated to sharing all he’s learned with our guests and us.