Wrangler / Office Gal

Janice grew up in and around East Fishkill, NY, but was always drawn to the west.

She fell in love with horses as soon as she could talk and finally convinced her parents to let her have a pony at age 12. Working to support her horse habit she was a show groom for hunter/jumpers, exercise girl on the track, and spent many years competing in barrel racing and speed events.

During a period in life of being horseless, she became involved in sports to fill the void and competed in bicycle and cross country ski racing, which ultimately led to career in coaching and athlete development.

Despite the joys that these endeavors brought, she feels fortunate to have found her way back to the horses, and knew that Buck’s style of horsemanship was what she had been looking for.

She has been following it ever since, and fell in love with McGinnis when she visited as a guest in 2014. After spending last summer interning here, she was hired on as a wrangler and is now helping in the office as well, putting to use her marketing and business background. She will continue to study this style of horsemanship “forever” and is loving life on the ranch!