McGinnis Meadows offers everyone the rare opportunity to visit a Montana working cattle and horsemanship ranch and learn more than you thought possible about riding in the process. Here you will have an opportunity to study Buck Brannaman style horsemanship at a level not found elsewhere. Is working cattle on your wish list? In peak season you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn about sorting and driving cattle as well as general stockmanship. Combine this with spectacular scenery for trail riding and relaxing, well educated horses, a heated indoor arena in the winter, dedicated staff and meals you will be dreaming about- who could ask for more? Here is a summary of our programming throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or to reserve your spot!

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Special Events Overview

COVID-19 Update- Please see our schedule and rates page for important information regarding our 2020 season schedule.

8-Day Horsemanship Clinics, Women’s Retreat Weeks, Thanksgiving Week, 8-Day Cow Working Clinic, Veterans, Active Duty and Law Enforcement Appreciation Week Guest week, VIP weeks and Buck Brannaman Clinic weeks are all special events that we are thrilled to offer for the 2019 and 2020 seasons!

2019 -2020 Winter Horsemanship Weeks

Winter Horsemanship Riding Weeks (Oct – Mid Apr)

Looking to escape the winter blues? Come to McGinnis during a winter horsemanship week! Take advantage of great rates, and lots of personalized one-on-one instruction from the ground up to help you dial in your skills! NEW for 2020, there will also be two 8-Day clinics offered during winter horsemanship season! Each day guests work on horsemanship in our indoor heated arena. The teaching is very focused and each session builds on the last. Beginners to experienced riders are encouraged to come. Whether learning something new or refining something old, our horsemanship weeks offer plenty for everyone. Experience a deeper understanding of Buck Brannaman style horsemanship and leave with the tools that will help strengthen your horsemanship in the months and years to follow.

2020 Spring Horsemanship Weeks

2020 Spring Horsemanship Weeks

During these weeks the emphasis continues on Buck Brannaman horsemanship, using our horses or you can bring your own – All levels of riders are welcome. Clinic style instruction daily. A great time for fine-tuning your riding skills with our experienced horsemen & women. As we are a working cattle ranch in addition to a horsemanship ranch, horsemanship instruction may be based around cattle work or horsemanship outside of the arena, as well as in the arena.

2020 Peak Season

2020 Peak Season (Includes Buck Brannaman Clinics, 8-Day Horsemanship Clinics & VIP Weeks)

Along with Buck Brannaman clinic style horsemanship, cattle working and exploring country join us in our season long cattle work and cattle drives! Enjoy riding in and exploring country in 40 square miles of timbered country and meadow land. Those who are looking to cover lots of country will not be disappointed! Move and drive cattle in the timbered mountains surrounding the ranch and learn how to track and find cattle. McGinnis Meadows Ranch is very conscientious about proper land management and you’ll take a big part in it. There’s a part for all levels of riders to participate in. Ride the drag to push cattle, ride the flanks to keep those boys in line.

2020 Fall Horsemanship Weeks

If you are eager to improve your skills and participate in an intensive week of skill building, consider our Fall Horsemanship Weeks Riding Program. Horsemanship weeks also run in the spring and winter.

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