November 2, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 41


We are starting to feel the change in the season here at the ranch. Yes, it has been cold and you know that winter is coming, but even more so, the vibe that the ranch takes on this time of year is very special in its own way. The quietness, more relaxed pace and an intensive focus on raising our riding abilities seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Fall colors are still vibrant!

Staff has really been focused on taking advantage of the clear weather to finish cleaning up the pastures, tend to the remaining burn piles, vehicle winterizing and everything else that goes along with preparation for whatever Mother Nature will bring us.

The horses are getting fuzzier each day it seems- already I have to do a double take with some of them as their colors change with the addition of their newly grown hair.

Many of them have had their front shoes pulled and soon their hinds will be barefoot and too. They are not the only ones getting ready- Trouble, Lily and Sophie our well loved ranch kitties, are fluffing up quite a bit as too. They welcome the attention this time of year and as always Trouble is quick on

the draw when he sees a guest with an open door to their cabin- or the lodge for that matter!

We had Nancy and Jodi here with us this week as first timers learning this style of horsemanship. Nancy has been riding much of her life with quite a bit of experience in dressage and English riding. Jodi is new to having horses in her life and came to the ranch excited to learn as much as she could. Both could not have been better students. I had the opportunity to work with them a lot this week in horsemanship and boy was it fun!  The difference in ability level, actually fueled the learning curve and it was a very productive week. We often say that beginners learn quite fast because they have no bad habits. It sure seems to be true and Jodi was no exception. She studied hard, and her seat improved dramatically over the course of the week. She even cantered on Mighty and Bob before the week was out! Nancy worked equally as hard to make some shifts in her seat position and how she used her body while riding. She got along famously with Booker all week and had him really looking soft and willing. Nancy liked this style of riding so much that she has already made plans to visit us again on Thanksgiving and several times next year. We can’t wait to see her again!

Nemo looking good as the herd gets jingled out.

Shayne and Des are packing up as I write this to leave for Whitefish for Buck’s final US clinic of the season. It is the most advanced clinic he holds and always a great one to audit. We’ll also get to see Roby again- he has been on the road with Buck and of course will be at this clinic as well. Maddie and I are beyond excited to be able to audit the clinic and we’ll be sure to give everyone a full report upon our return 🙂

Just a reminder, we still have some space available for the winter horsemanship program in Feb- April. Give us a call if you want to join us for a memorable learning experience. 406-293-5000, or email

Happy Trails,


Nancy on Booker doing the loose rein exercise


Jodi and Mighty