September 14, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 35

Hey Everyone,

We have been very busy this week! As part of this ‘off week’ we have had the chance to catch up on a lot of projects around the ranch!

Kevin hard at work

One of the major projects to be completed is cutting wood! Many of our staff cabins around the ranch have wood burning furnaces; in order for us to stay warm and cozy all winter long, time must be taken now to chop up all of the wood that we will need come the long winter months. Kevin, Anna, Scott, and Rachel have all been working hard to get the wood all cut and stacked around the cabins. Their work is very much appreciated.

In regard to other winter preparations, Ash, Alyssa, and I have all been helping Brenda prepare the gardens for the coming cold. We have been pruning down a lot of plants that have lost their summer luster and color so that they do not freeze. Also, we have spread a palate of mulch to help insulate the ground and add a clean finish to the garden. The upkeep of this beautiful place is a labor of love.

Obstacle course!

Perhaps our most interested project this week? An obstacle course! Roby has designed an obstacle course in one of our outdoor pens where horses can come in contact with large tires, moving objects, ground tarps, and oversized soccer balls! It is going to be something really cool when it’s all completed. I was told a teeter-totter might also be added to what is quickly becoming our mini McGinnis circus ring. I can only imagine how confident and brave the horses that are able to work through all of those obstacles are going to become! Kevin has been helping to construct the course quite a bit and even took Kate, his dog, through the course! She approves

Well, its time for another highline highlight! Our staff are some very special people and deserve a bit of recognition once in a while. Our highlighted staff member this week is: Alyssa! She is a part-time intern and part-time server as a member of our kitchen crew.  Her riding has improved exponentially since she got here and even when she’s not riding she is game to be a big help to others. For example, she was unable to ride for a couple of days this week because of a minor injury so instead has volunteered to help us in the garden as we prepare for winter! What a gal. We’re grateful for her 🙂

The best sight in the world

That’s all for now, folks. Next week we’ll be back to our usual rough-riding routine with plenty of guests to join in the festivities!

Happy trails,




No place like home

There might be a bit of a size difference

Misty morning ponies