Volume 16, Issue 36

Hi Everyone!

Life continues on here at the ranch and there is still much to do but there is the calmness that has started to find it’s place in our little valley, a hint that winter is just around the corner. I’ve always been a fan of winter in general and I am no stranger to cold temps and snow as I am originally from New England. If some of you are sitting there wondering how you could compare a Montana winter to one from New England? Well my friends, once you’ve lived through a TRUE Nor’easter then you’ll know. This will be my third winter here and it might just be my favorite season on the ranch.

In the mornings, after a night of fresh fallen snow, there’s this fairy tale feel about it. The sun starts to hit the snow covered meadows and everything just sparkles and glistens. Mist hovers in the low areas and everything just looks magical. I always find myself pausing before I enter the lodge to look out and smile at its beauty.

While we have had a few flurries we haven’t had anything substantial….yet. This is good for us however because we still have a couple projects to button up outside before the snow flies. Today all the boys gathered at Shayne’s pond to help relocate some beautiful cutthroats to the larger pond where there will be able to survive the winter. Chris is just about finished dragging our pastures while Kev, Scott and James continue cutting firewood. There’s nothing quite like a warm wood stove with a cup of tea after a long day and the boys efforts are beyond appreciated.

What’s your favorite season here at the ranch and why?

Until next time!