November 9, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 42

This past week at MMR was a whirlwind!

Buck riding Eddie in the two rein

Buck returned to Whitefish, MT to teach his Horsemanship 2 and Cow working/roping classes at Standing Heart Ranch. This is a special invitational clinic sponsored by Shayne and Dave Gamble, and one of the most advanced in the country that Buck does. I was able to attend to audit along with our intern Maddie. What a treat! There is always so much to observe and learn watching Buck ride Eddie and his green colt Manny. Shayne, Des and Roby all represented MMR in the clinic and it was equally fun watching them.

Eddie reaching for Manny and Manny giving back

I’m already looking forward to next year’s clinic which will be held in July, following our ranch clinics. If this is something you would be interested in seeing stay tuned for more info or contact me at

We arrived back to the ranch on Thursday just in time to welcome our new guests coming in for the 8 day horsemanship clinic! We have 8 guests and interns participating, plus our wranglers and so far it has been amazing. Shayne has everyone really bearing down on the progressions to take a horse through each day, and being sure to move up through the checklist to test things out. Moving back down the list is equally important if there are spots that need to be worked on.

Ann and her horse Brandy

The study never gets any less. The better the rider’s timing and feel get, the crisper the movements become. For me, this doesn’t come easy but each day I work on studying the horse’s feet, my body position and how soft I can pick up on them each time. My brain hurts by the end of the day but in a good way…and the horses really like it!

The rest of the ranch continues to operate in winter prep mode. We welcomed in our new ranch hand Jon last week and he has already been a big help. We also welcomed Caleb, who is from Libby and will be interning with us through the month of November. In just two days his riding has already improved significantly, and he is very focused student.

Winter horsemanship here at the ranch is really quite special. There are a few spots remaining in Feb- April, so if you want to get a jump on your spring riding, or are curious to see what it is all about, give us a call or email us at and we will be happy to tell you all about it!

Have a great week ahead,


What a fun group!

Shayne and Julio showing us a good walk

Maddie getting some attention from Dusty

Flora riding Nigel

Caleb and Trump

Sue’s cousin made us some cookies- they are pretty amazing! Too pretty to unwrap 🙂