Volume 16, Issue 31

Hey There Y’all!

Cow dog Kate here! You see, my dad Kevin is away visiting family this weekend so I get to hangout with Emily. She happens to be out taking down that tent next to lodge with that goofy guy Scott so I figured I’d take the opportunity to steal the spotlight here for a while. The humans are always on these computer things posting pictures of themselves so why not me too?! I mean, I’m so adorably lovable right?

Ranch life is pretty great out here for a dog. Dad gives me a very important job each morning which is to guard the truck and trailer. I’m not sure what it needs guarding from but he tells me to stay on the back of the truck and keep watch. It’s not the most glorious job in the world but someone has to do it. The best part about it though is when the guests come out to load up their horses because then I get tons of love an affection. It’s such a great way to start the day.

For the rest of the day I get to ride out with everyone in search of steers. Well, I don’t get to ride, I have to walk and run the whole time but I think it’s pretty fun so it’s not really work for me! I get to run around and chase squirrels until dad hollers for me to “come behind” or “stay” when they find those darn steers. Whenever they show up it’s always right when i’m about to catch a squirrel! They have such bad timing. It’s ok though because then I get to show off my cow dog working skills. Dad has been working really hard with me to learn how to move the cattle, especially when they are in thick brush he can’t ride into. I guess you can say that I have saved they day a couple times now, though sometimes Dad doesn’t like it when the steers run a different way than he wanted. I mean, they are out of the brush now, right? Oh well, I guess one day I’ll sort out what he’s hollerin about. It’s ok though, I still love him.

Well, I’m off to meet the new guests for this October 10-day thing they are starting today. I hope they like adorably wonderful shaggy dogs.

See ya next time!