Volume 16, Issue 39

Hey Everyone, Kev here.

Usually at the start of December we have already seen weeks of low temps in the teens but we have had unusually warm weather. Temps have been staying up above 50 for most of the day and any snow we did have has melted off. This means that the window has opened for some outside work.

First Snowshoe of the season

The Belgarde pasture, which is one of our largest livestock pastures, has been in need of a fence upgrade. We have always used this pasture for cattle because of its decade old barb wire and hard to use access points, but now with the ranch connecting all the way through the valley it is now the perfect opportunity to upgrade to high tensile fence. Once we complete this project we will have one of the best horse pastures and longest jingles on the ranch.

Snow up the mountain

Scott and the crew have been hard at work this week taking down old fence and laying new posts before he takes off for winter vacation on Sunday. He won’t be back until the end of January so everyone wish him a happy holiday. Myself, Emily and wrangler in training Kim have been working through the b and c string horses under Des and Shayne’s watchful eye, always guiding us to push through the comfort zone and to challenge us. Our first guest week may be a ways away but we are always working with the horses to get them ready to be put in the guest string. And the most exciting part about it all is starting to think about roping in the spring. We have started working in dummy shots and practicing on the cutting flag. We have even set up some jumps to change things up. What a great week riding.

Emily’s Mustang Hemingway

The weather is starting to change again, heavy winds and colder nights. I guess we will se were the next weeks brings us. Back inside to work on tack and deep cleaning, or into the meadows for fence building and tree pulling. Only time will tell.

Until next time.