January 9, 2021, Volume 16, Issue 1

Guess Who?

Psst….Hey! Down here! It’s me, Trouble the ranch cat!

Emily left the lodge door cracked and I managed to slip in, undetected, to have a look around. I’m so crafty. purr*

The Lodge is so cozy and warm this time of year and always smells of fresh bacon, though I can never manage to get my paws on some. Note to self…maybe if I act even cuter than normal Emily will sneak me a piece. 

Hey, Wait for me!!

Life as a Ranch Cat continues on as normal around here and I of course take my supervisor job very seriously. The wranglers have all been working so diligently on winter projects that sometimes I don’t see them until supper time so I have taken it upon myself to help out and have started taking notes while I walk around the lodge and cabins for things that need addressing. So far, what I have found is that the cabins are buttoned up tight, much to my dismay, and that there aren’t nearly enough snacks left out for me to quality check. I definitely need to remember to bring this up with management.

Life for a Ranch Cat here is quite relaxing but sometimes I like to spice it up a little and cause a little mischief to keep everyone on their toes. What’s life without a little adventure, am I right? For example, the other night as I saw Emily leaving the lodge for the night I waited up high in a tree while she checked the red sheds, I never know what she’s looking for, maybe mice for a late evening snack? That’s what I would do but I digress. As she started to walk away that’s when I put on my best acting skills and I started meowing from up high in the tree until she noticed. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized where I was! Hahaha, I’m so crafty. Anyways, the human went off to get a ladder and then promptly returned to “save me”. With the aid of Brenda, another human wrangler here, Emily climbed up high to “rescue” me. Did I mention it was starting to snow, and it was pitch black, and it was cold? Little do they know that I am an expert climber and could have gotten down all on my own but where’s the fun in that, and I just like the attention. Purr*

Bucky looking cute from the mare pasture. Perhaps she was waiting for Trouble to come out and play?

The humans “rescued” me from the tree without incident, even if it did require Emily to climb a few limbs to reach me and I got loads of love and affection after we were back on the ground. Mission accomplished. 

This Highline thing is sort of fun. I can finally reach out to all my adoring fans! But, I think I hear Emily coming so I gotta run! Stay safe out there humans and send treats!!

Until the lodge door is left open again, 

Much Love from your FAVORITE Ranch Cat, 


P.S.- If you are missing being around my bubbly personality, I heard through the grapevine that there is still some space left to book in 2021. Give the gals a call and make sure you tell them that I should get extra treats for being so lovable 🙂

Chex and Fox – Move out the way!

Taps being camera shy

Another winter view


See ya soon!