Volume 16, Issue 28

Howdy Y’all!

What a week it has been! We welcomed our first group of September 10 day guests this week and have had such a blast wrangling with them so far. Both our month long guests and 10 dayers have really rose to the occasion, pulling long hours in the saddle each day in search of cattle. They have done such a great job that we only have 13 more steers left on the Davis piece to move back home.

Lined out so nicely

And lets not forget our simply amazing equine partners because without them there is no way we would be able to do what we do. These horses have trekked our hides all over these mountains without complaint, taking care of us is some pretty nasty terrain, and they always bring us home safe. We are truly lucky to have such an amazing herd to work with.

Guest Pam getting in some roping practice

We have come up with a pretty neat system where Scotty and Kev have been searching for steers with their groups to put into a holding area. Brenda then takes her group and they then move the steers back to the ranch. From there Des and I have had our group move those steers to new country, making sure they find water and good graze land. It has been incredibly efficient and everyone has been able to rotate around to each job and the guests have loved it! Hopefully, come Monday, we will be able to find those last 13 and get them home.

Jasper always finds the most interesting rest areas

Until then…