August 8th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 31

This week at the ranch, we’ve been on a mission to find the last few steers in the State Section. These steers have proven to be quite sneaky in their hiding places. Emily, Sophie and Michelle managed to get 7 of the 9 left on Friday and move them into Shayne’s pasture. Now we just have 2 more left, Shayne and Kevin even took their dogs Sparky and Kate to try and find them! Hopefully over the weekend those pesky 2 steers will change their minds and let us move them into McKillop on Monday. Even though these steers have been elusive they’ve created quite the adventure for us folks here at the ranch. As Shayne says “This is when the real cowboying begins!”

Moving Steers!

All of the guests, staff and interns have been hard at work looking for those steers each day. They’ve been covering all sorts of ground in the State Section looking high and low for them. The guests have been stepping outside of their comfort zones helping us get these steers, going up and down steep terrain, and really get their horses to do a job. Each of them has really grown as riders these last couple of weeks. Finding these steers has been quite the group effort, and always gives us something to talk about at dinner.

Meanwhile, Scott has been very busy trying to get all the fencing for graze ready as that’s the last stop for our steers after McKillop. Once we get into the second week of September, we’ll begin fall gathering, which is when we bring the steers down from the mountain, weigh them, and then sell them. Fall gathering is always a wonderful time to be at the ranch, because of all the beautiful fall colors and fall temperatures!

Flora, Maddie and Sophie

Speaking of which, the heat wave has finally dissipated a little bit and we’re starting to feel tinges of fall here at the ranch. The last couple days it’s dropped down to 70 degrees, instead of the blazin 96 degrees we’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks. It’s been a nice change of pace for everyone I think, including the herd.  Personally, fall is my favorite season so I’m really looking forward to cooler temps and the colors changing, one of my favorites times of year to ride outside.

Be sure to check back next week!

Happy Trails,




Michelle and Flora


Anna and Chief


Maddie making a few friends