November 14th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 45

Winter has blanketed the meadow, and looks like it’s here to stay this past week. We’ve gotten so much snow it feels like we live in a snow globe! It sits so beautifully on the mountains and trees it truly is a winter wonderland. Almost good enough to ski!

Snowy Mornings

As Shayne and Des will be staying at the ranch until February this winter we’ve been continuing our riding in the indoor and working through the guest string. I’ve come to really appreciate the warmth of the indoor with the current weather! This week we primarily focused on backing and getting the horses weightless in their backing. It’s something I think many of us often overlook but it is an oh so important thing to get good at for you and the horse. Shayne’s particular method of backing really helps you connect your reins to the feet, which helps tremendously with all your movement. It’s changed a lot of our guest horses for the better!

Brooke who has been our token guest over the past couple of weeks will be leaving us this Saturday. We’re all a bit sad to see her go, as we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed her company. She really does feel like one of us! Brooke has been helping us get the guest horses to good places before we kick them out for the winter, and she’s such a joy to be around. However, I’m sure we’ll see her again so it’s not goodbye forever.

Emily has been cooking up great meals every night for the ever-hungry crew, especially the boys Levi, Scott and Kevin. This week we’ve had everything from burrito night to steak night! Emily has also been prepping for Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner. Decorations, table settings, and most importantly food, I’m sure it will be a feast to remember!

Paw Prints

Chris, Kevin, Scott and Levi have been doing various projects around the ranch. We’re expanding a few of the Bungalows for staff and the boys have been taking a swing at demo’ing. Under Chris’s supervision of course! Chris said laughingly “I don’t know if they were helpful or just made more of a mess” haha! All in good fun 😉

Never a dull moment here at the ranch! Catch you next week!

Happy Trails,





Enjoying the sunshine!


Kevin in the tractor


Maddie and Kevin waiting to load steers last week


Shayne and Julio