September 19th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 37


Things have been busy as usual here at the ranch. A smokey haze blew over the ranch last Saturday and has been hanging out here in the meadow ever since.  The smoke has dissipated a bit since last Saturday but still seems

Sophie and Dazzle

determined to stick around for a bit. Despite the smoke, guests and wranglers have still been going out to graze and enjoying what views they can still see.  To keep the horses safe, the wranglers and guests have been going at a steady walk keeping it slow, but steers still need to be checked!

Back in the arena, we’ve been continuing our work with the neck ropes. Everyone who’s ridden with one has made a big change in his or her riding. Each day this week Des has been having us do all kinds of different exercises with the neck rope; some of us even took our bridles off and rode with just the neck rope! I think the horses have really enjoyed using the neck rope as much as we have; it’s been a great exercise for all of us.

At the end of each day everyone always looks forward to seeing what Emily has whipped up for dinner each night. She never cooks the same thing twice! It’s something different, from breakfast for dinner to Chinese Takeout, we’re always well fed here.

Maddie and Nigel

We finally got some much needed rain on Friday night, so here’s to hoping that will help with the smoke! Like I mentioned last week fall is right around the corner, it’s getting darker earlier and the temps are starting to drop, it won’t be long before there’s snow on the ground.

Well that’s all for this week!

Happy Trails,





Pretty Views!


Shayne and Julio


Kate climbing