Volume 17, Issue 18

It’s branding week here on the ranch. We received 188 steers last week and had some help come in to get them all tagged, branded and checked for nuts.

Ty Heth came in from the Bitterroot, a long time cowboy friend of Shayne’s. Randy came over on his faithful horse Chip Des and Shayne rode their bridle horses and some younger ones in their string, and Scott and I got to ride some really nice ranch horses like King, Mad Max, and Sprocket.

We had some new riders in the pen this year holding feet and helping set shots. Kim rode Trump and Scotch, Daniel rode Dandy, Jenna on Cheech and Micheli rode Fancy Pants.

While we roped and held down steers the ground crew worked smooth, hard and efficiently with Brenda leading the charge.

We had a good time and finished in four days and the steers are out on green grass with some supplemental hay.

While we were getting through the cattle Bird and Kolten were hard at work keeping the rest of the ranch running, changing out mattresses, feeding the livestock, making sure all the gates were fine tuned, working on equipment, and much much more.

We wrapped up the week with a short visit from our friends at the Seattle mounted police and a few days of horsemanship. 

Until next time, Kevin.