October 17th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 41

Our real fall weather has rolled in the last week here at the ranch. It’s been in the 40’s-50’s and raining practically all week. Most of the horses are starting to get fuzzy just in time for winter, which feels like it’s just around

Levi giving a thumbs up!

the corner now. Hard to believe Halloween is in a couple of weeks! The staff has all been chatting around the dinner table about the best horror/Halloween movies.  Sounds like a movie night is in our future.

Brenda, Levi and I moved the last 48 steers from Elk Creek this week to weigh them and gather them all together. Our counts have come out correct and sadly we’re missing just one! Scott, Kevin, Levi and Brenda have been hunting for him all week. Rain or shine! They’ve been real cowboys this week, and cowgirl.

When we haven’t been out on the mountain, the staff has been rotating nights cooking while Emily has been on vacation. Maddie and I made stroganoff meatballs one night, Charity made curry, Levi and Kevin made burgers and shakes which were a big hit! Shayne even said those were the best burgers and shakes he’s had for a good long while. Janice made us some delicious chili, and a full Italian pasta dinner, which was perfect for our current weather. Scott’s parents came to visit and even made ribs and his favorite cheesy potatoes!

As always our projects continue. Charity our housekeeper has been deep cleaning the cabins getting them ready for

Shayne moving cattle

winter. She and I also deep cleaned the lodge this week, which was a very satisfying project! I’ve never the seen the lodge look this good. While we’ve been doing that Scott, Kevin, Chris and Randy have started shutting down our graze piece now that we have all the cattle off the mountain, we think? There still might be a lone ranger out there….

That’s all for this week!





Scott helping me cook on Thursday 🙂


Shayne and Des riding out


Maddie and Nigel moving steers



Emma’s new bridal path ha!