Volume 17, Issue 13
Kevin here, been a busy week on the ranch. From deep cleaning the indoor arena, to riding and prepping for shoeing the herd.

We did our quarterly clean in the arena. The crew came together and knocked it out in record time with Des leading the charge.

With us finishing the arena it gave us two days to finish the week up with some riding. Shayne teaching horsemanship to the interns while we work through some guest horses to get them ready for the spring branding and guests.
While Jenna, Daniel, Kim and myself were riding with Shayne and Des, James and Scott were getting shoeing supplies ready for Tommy Kilgore our shoeing mentor, to arrive.
Bird stayed busy all week fixing appliances and some things here and there in buildings. So everything will work and look top notch for the guest season.
That’s all for this week, I will catch you next time.