January 5, 2019 – Volume 14 – Issue 1

Greetings everyone!

Happy New Year from all of us here at McGinnis Meadows Ranch.

The ranch family gathered at the Belgarde house and had ourselves a little feast of snack food right before the ball dropped in Time

          McGinnis Meadows New Year’s Eve 2018

Square to celebrate the coming of 2019.  We ate & laughed till our cheeks hurt.  It’s nice to start new traditions with close friends, especially since this is a few of us’s first holiday season here at the ranch.

We have three guests this week that have been to the ranch several times.  Roby switched things up by having them ride several horses throughout the week. He even said there was a healthy competition going on amongst the guests and everyone was in the lead at one time or another.

Richard and Helen hail from the great state of Montana and have enjoyed coming to

                             Helen riding Chief

the ranch for several years.  Richard enjoyed that there was a smaller group this time.  It allowed for more of a one on one feel instruction and challenges to work on particular moves of horsemanship.  Helen always loves riding with Roby, watching and learning from him.  Both agree it was a good week.

Lorna likes us so much that she is back for the sixth time in a year from Michigan.  In fact, she is hanging out with us for another week.  A couple of her memorable moments of the week were when they were doing turns at “Roby Speed” and working on having life at a walk.  Lorna

Lorna & Chalkeye

says this horsemanship is challenging but she learns something new each time she visits.

Scott is back from his family visit and is eager to start applying what he learned at farrier school along with Anna.  I asked him to share with us his experience.  What were his highlights and challenges along the way?  Here is what he had to say….

Scott enjoyed the challenge of working with different horses that had issues that he has not seen here at the ranch.  For example a horse that hadn’t been trimmed on a regular schedule… to bring the hoof back to where it should be or putting shoes on that helped correct an issue.  The best experience is seeing the horse’s disposition change once he was done. Scott says his time at school was quite rewarding and is looking forward to applying all he learned with the ranch’s herd.


    Scott & Corona the Donkey

Once again we want to congratulate Scott on his accomplishment.  We are excited to see him grow in his trade.

2019 is going to be a good year.  You will have to keep checking in with us to see what the year holds. We always enjoy seeing our old friends and meeting new ones.  If you’d like to be a part of this with a “hands on” experience, give us a call and we can get you booked for a reservation!

Happy New Year and Happy Trails,





A Sunday Morning on the Ranch




Brenda & Lucy


Brumby & Booker Hanging Out


Richard Riding Mighty


Little Red Posing for the Camara


King & Concho


Friday Morning


Roby & Ike


Janice & Emma