January 19, 2019 – Volume 14 – Issue 3

Greetings everyone!

More fresh fluffy snow has descended upon us this week.  It was incredible to be there while the horses were jingled in the morning after the snow fall and there wasn’t a sound to be heard, as if I was watching an old time silent movie.  It was a sight to experience.

Jenna working with GG

This week we had five guest join us. Roby had them going through the paces from walking, trotting, and little cantering in there too.  Wrangler/winter cook Jenna stopped out to the arena to lend a hand a couple of afternoons this week.

Calvin is new to the ranch from California.  Seeing the snow was cool experience for him, something he doesn’t see everyday from where he comes from.  He enjoyed the individual attention that was given as the group worked through learning the different aspects of horsemanship.  Calvin especially like the experience of “hooking on” with a horse.  He said it was pretty amazing week all around.

Calvin & Roanie

GG joined us last summer and decided to hop the ocean from France to continue what she started for a couple of weeks.  She like that she could experience riding different horses.  GG hopes to ride some of those horses next week to see her gain in confidence will have an improving effect on her riding.

Kim also comes to us from quite a bit away, New Zealand.  She has really enjoyed riding with Roby this week. Kim has felt a gain in confidence and is starting to recognize how the body plays a constant role

Kim & Chief

in riding. She is starting to get an understanding in identifying when she doesn’t do something correct and how that shows in the horse.  Kim is very excited to go home to continue to work and build what she has learned this week.

Kelly is from right here in Montana.  She has done a lot of riding in her life.  The one thing that has really touched her this week is the ability to ride with the horse.  To be able to ride in a way that is more natural to a horse versus making the horse do what you want or just sitting on it.  And of course the food was absolutely fantastic.

Kelly & Benny

Michelle traveled from Georgia.  Her and Kelly are good friends that drove in together to see what our ranch was about.  What she found was a very awesome relationship building experience.  Not only has she gained a better understanding of how to have a relationship with a horse but has gained some new friends out of this week’s group.  Michelle said she has made new friends of the two and four legged variety.  And the food was top notch too!!

Michelle & Brumby

There were sure a lot of laughter and swapping stories going on this week.  I think I can speak for all the staff that we have made some friends and hope to see all of them back at some point.

In addition to everything else going on at the ranch, we got a special offer for you!

We all know that horses touch our hearts in a very special way.

At McGinnis Meadows they are truly our family and sometimes even our best friend :-).  To honor them we are offering a Valentine’s Day Special!

What could be more fun than a visit to MMR with your ‘Bestie’? Treat yourself, your best friend, or the love of your life to a week at MMR and receive a whopping discount off of your stay! Our gift to you– take an unheard of $425 off of your bill if you book a cabin together, and $200 off your bill if you book as a single for a 2019 MMR ranch Vacation during our peak or shoulder seasons. For reservations during our winter horsemanship season you’ll get 10% off of the normal rate!

You’ll have to act fast though, this offer only lasts through the end of the day on February 14th! Be sure to mention “Bestie’s” to receive your discount. * This cannot be combined with any other discounts. Contact Janice or Adrienne at 406-293-5000 to reserve your spot.

Happy Trails,


Hello from Pecos




Afternoon gather


Roby & Ike


Nemo, Wyatt, & Chip


GG & Chalkeye


Pecos, Romeo, & Boone


Calvin making a snow angel