Volume 16, Issue 41

Sproket and Tig playing in the snow!

Tidings of Good Will to All!!

Out here in Montana, up in our little corner of the world, we have had the snow falling each and every day for the last two weeks! It really is starting to look like our own personal North Pole Winter Wonderland up here. While some people don’t like the cold, as long as it’s snowing, I don’t think its all that bad. How could you when you have views like we do here on the ranch.

Chalkeye says Hello

The trees are all frosted up along with the meadows and they seem to glitter whenever there is a ray of sunlight light fights it way through the clouds. Every time this happens I can’t help but stop and just survey the land before me, thinking about how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. It really is breath taking.

Even though there may be near 2 feet of snow on the ground work continues on as usual. Due too the weather we have taken the opportunity to hunker down in the new arena to really get it clean and man let me tell you…there is nothing more satisfying then seeing it shine up like a brand new penny. Kev, Des and I got to man the scissor lift and cleaning up to the highest ceiling peaks and over each and every ledge and heater. It’s a good thing we aren’t afraid of heights! Even though cleaning is never anyones favorite task, everyone really seemed to have fun through the process, signing and grooving out to tunes as we went from one section to the next. Job well done everyone!

Nom Nom Nom

It’s crazy to think that Christmas is literally this weekend! Where has the time gone!? We here at the ranch wish everyone safe travels as we are sure our friends will be loading up to visit loved ones. Stay safe out there!